Nfu Ohmygod

A few days ago I ran across a nail blog that affected me like no other nail blog has ever affected me.  It was a photo of a nail polish called Nfu Oh 51.  The photos were amazing.  The colors in the sparkles were amazing.  It marked the first time I’ve ever seen a swatch and ran straight for my wallet.  You need to see this, right?  Well I’m not set up for great photography so check out the Google Image Search results for this polish.  Go ahead, I’ll wait….  Did you look?  I know, right?

Now buying it was a little tricky.  It’s not available in stores or on Amazon.  The Nfu Oh site is no help.  Fortunately I found one site that sells the whole line, but in perusing reviews of the seller I saw a rumor that maybe their credit card handling isn’t terrifically secure.  Fortunately they take PayPal, and although I dislike PayPal and its policies, I maintain an account for just these situations.

The price was fair, shipping was super fast, and the bottle of polish was exactly as pretty in person as it looks online.  today I chipped my hot pink Valentine’s Day paint job so I decided to give ol’ 51 a whirl.

One thing I couldn’t get a handle on from the various blogs I checked was whether it needed a base coat, whether it would be too sheer to stand alone.  So I did a quick experiment and slapped it over black, white, blue and purple.

Nfu Oh 51 Base Color Experiment

Going over black robbed it of its pretty purple tone.  All I got was orange glitter, and if that’s all I wanted I could just use Essie’s “Shine of the Times.”  Layering over white was just plain unpleasant.  It was grapey and the sparkles were lost.  Blue and purple bases were kind of a toss up.  I leaned slightly in favor of purple because it merged so well with the Nfu base.  My middle and ring fingers show two coats of the Nfu Oh 51 by itself.  After this photo I put Essie’s “Matte About You” on my ring finger to see what it would do.  Bleh, it was bad.

So purple it is!  I used one coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Deep Purple” and then layered Nfu Oh 51 over the top.  Oh my god I can’t stop staring at it.  What’s so striking is that the glitter is a warm orange, surrounded by a sea of purple.  The contrast is striking.  In fact I’d have to rank this up with my top 3 nail polishes I own so far, alongside Butter London’s “Knees Up” and Butter London’s “Big Smoke.”

Which is weird because I’m not really a big fan of purple nail polish.  And that Sally Hansen I used as a base is a really grapey purple.  I bought it years ago, thinking I would like it, and I believe this is the first time I’ve ever worn it without feeling weird.

So at this point I have one path ahead of me: Buy all the Nfu. Starting with number 54.  I took a couple of photos because the color and sparkle is difficult to capture.  That’s why I put the Google Image Search results above, because I’m no good at taking nail photos.

Nfu Oh 51 shot with my Canon

Nfu Oh 51 shot with my iPhone


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