Crappy Crappy Nail Polish

Sometimes you buy a nail polish that’s awesome.  Sometimes you buy one that sucks.  This one sucks.  I bought it because Rite Aid has put a bunch of polishes on clearance and this was marked down to $2.  I liked the blue and could visualize it with white stamping so I picked it up.

It’s just terrible.

The formula is uneven, it went on thick, and a second coat only moderately improved it.  I decided not to do a third coat because i worried that my nails would end up an inch thick, so I slapped some Seche Vite on and called it done.

OH YEAH and I tried to do some white stamping but that went terribly, too.  Basically this was a fucking bummer of a manicure.  i left it on so I wouldn’t be vulnerable to naked-nail biting tomorrow.  But it sucks.  It sucks out loud.

Here it is.  All uneven and dumb.  I couldn’t even get it cleaned up as well as I wanted to without wrecking the stuff I decided to keep.  The brand is Borghese and the color is Marino.  AVOID IT.

The picture skewed a bit cooler than it actually is.  It’s a little more marine in tone.  Whatever, AVOID IT.

Borghese Marino SUCKS


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  1. Oh no! I got it for $2 and I was surprised that it didn’t get all over my cuticles, but it did take four watery coats to get to bottle color. Do you have Chroma? I want to track down that bottle.

    • I’m sort of once bitten, twice shy on this brand. This was such a terrible experience that I’ve skipped over every Borghese display I’ve seen since. It looks like Chroma is a foil-finish silver. Zoya’s Trixie and Orly’s Shine from the Foil FX collection are both really great silver foils. I have Trixie. I don’t have Shine but I have Orly’s Luxe, which is the gold polish in the same line, and the formula on both is great!

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