Crappy Nail Polish Keeps on Crapping

Remember when I posted about that horrible Borghese nail polish a few days ago?  Did I mention that it’s horrible?  Let me say it again, it’s horrible.  If my original description didn’t convince you, have a look at what happened when I tried to remove it last night:

Stained Fingers

Stained Fingers

Nice, huh?  I’ve never had a nail polish do that before.  It lifted off of my nails and deposited onto my skin.  I didn’t realize it was happening at first.  I was holding the nail polish remover soaked pad in my hand and scrubbing off the polish, and moments later realized my fingers were turning blue.  And it wouldn’t come off.  I soaked my fingertips in acetone-free remover, then straight acetone.  I scrubbed with soap and water.  Nothing worked.

This is not right.  Quality nail polish shouldn’t do this.  I’m going to say this is a definite AVOID for Borghese.  If you don’t want to take my word for it, there are plenty of reviews on real nail blogs that seem to agree that it’s a disappointing brand at best, total bullshit at worst.  This is total bullshit.

I took a long hot shower this morning and did lots of scrubbing.  The stains finally lifted, but not without a lot of work.  Never ever ever ever again.

On a more positive note I updated my nails with “For Bitten” by Ulta Professional.  The car is Pharodox by Hot Wheels.  The nail polish isn’t as sparkly on my fingers as it is in the bottle.  It also doesn’t give off the deep red hue, appearing instead to be a dark brown.  The bright light shot shows more of the sparkles, but you can also see how sloppy my clean-up job was.  Also I don’t know what’s going on with my smushed pinky finger.  I must have mashed that car with a death grip.

For Bitten by Ulta Professional

For Bitten by Ulta Professional and Pharodox by Hot Wheels


For Bitten by Ulta Professional and Pharodox by Hot Wheels

For Bitten by Ulta Professional and Pharodox by Hot Wheels in bright light



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  1. I’v never had a nail polish do that either, how much did you pay for the vile thing? Your new nails look lovely though, very luxe.


    • I paid $2 because the current color offering was on clearance. I’ve seen the usual retail prices listed anywhere from $8-12. Can you imagine spending $12 on something that behaved so poorly? I would have felt so ripped off.

      Actually maybe I feel ripped off even at $2. I’ve bought plenty of $1-2 polishes that didn’t yield such crappy results.

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