That Thing I Like: That Thing You Drew

Today I realized why I ended up with this blog name. I mean, the long version is that I wanted something generic so I wouldn’t get bored by being locked into a theme. I looked for available names like, “Stuff I Like” and “Things that are Awesome” or something similar, but all of the generic affection-themed WordPress blog names were taken.

So I expanded and started with longer iterations. I stumbled upon “That Thing I Like” and grabbed it. It was perfect! It wasn’t until today that I realized why I settled on that option.

I was browsing through my favorite blog feeds on Google Reader and noticed a few recent updates on Mike Holmes’ blog. As I loaded it up, the name stuck out like a sore thumb: “That Thing You Drew.”

My affection for his work must have colored my selection process. No matter, he happens to be on-theme for this blog. He is indeed a thing I like.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a fan of comics, web or otherwise, but there is a handful of talented illustrators I admire and follow. Olly Moss is one. Kate Beaton is another. Now, Kate and Mike know each other and I saw her reference him on Twitter once or twice. I never paid much attention, although in retrospect I should have. But then one day Patton Oswalt retweeted Mike’s announcement that he was selling a limited edition print of a concert flier he did for one of Patton’s shows. I looked and fell in love with the style and immediately bought one. Incidentally, Patton Oswalt is a thing I like, too.

That’s when I found Mike’s blog. Soon after that he embarked on a project to do a daily self portrait in the style of other talented illustrators. The way he perfectly captures the essential elements of other artists’ styles is awe-inspiring. I highly recommend adding him to your daily rotation.

So there it is. I prefer not to say I stole his blog name idea. I prefer to think of it as an homage. An homage to his blog of homages. And maybe posting my admiration of his work absolves my unintentional plagiarism. Whoops!


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