The Gift that Keeps on Giving

That Borghese polish is like a curse. I realized yesterday that I could still see remnants of blue around my cuticles and along the sides of my nails. I removed the Ulta “For Bitten” polish and had a closer look. There were blue stains deposited under my nails, too.

I soaked and scrubbed and scraped and got as much if it as I could. I trimmed as close as I dared to get with my cuticle trimmer. Too close in a couple of spots. By the time I finished it was too late for new polish, so I put a dab of cream on them and went to bed.

Now that it’s morning I can’t stop inspecting them and looking for any remaining hint of blue. My thumbnails still look stained but I’m afraid to scrape any more than I already have.

I want to try a French manicure but it’s not going to be possible if I have dark stains glaring through. How frustrating.



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  1. A swipe of peroxide or whitening toothpaste will take care of those stains in the future.

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