Sparkle-Palooza… With GIFs!

I was going for a half-moon mani with white at the base and frosted white over the top but that didn’t work out.  So I decided to just glitter my ass off.

This is 3 coats of Essie “Pure Pearlfection” and one coat of Essie “Shine of the Times.”  And a topcoat of Seche Vite.  The sparkles!  Oh god the sparkles!  The Hot Wheels car has no name on it but it says Payback on the side.  I did a quick search and found an eBay seller who also identified it as Payback.

Anyway.  Please forgive the clean-up.  You know how stray glitter is.  You can go over it and over it with acetone but it just sticks to your skin.

Essie Topcoats

Essie Pure Pearlfection, Essie Shine of the Times, and unidentified Hot Wheels


Oh and I decided to try doing a gif to capture the sparkle, thanks to inspiration from One Gent’s Ten.  I tried an app called Cinegram but it went all wonky.

Animated Sparkle 1

Weird floating thumb

Animated Sparkle 2

Disorienting and squonky

Animated Sparkle 3

Herky jerky

Animated Sparkle 4

Smoother but small and compressed

Animated Sparkle 5




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I crochet. I crochet a lot. My speciality is amigurumi dolls based on pop culture entertainment, such as LOST, Star Trek, Mad Men and Firefly. I also crochet beanie hats with food items on them such as pancakes, sushi, burgers, spaghetti, or whatever sounds hat-worthy. Visit me at or

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  1. Nice work! Tell me, what did you use to make your gifs?

    • For the first two I used an iphone app called Cinegram. I believe there’s an android version, too. For the second two I used a free iphone app called Gifboom. Cinegram has potential, it just has a learning curve. Gifboom was a total waste because it compresses the image too much.

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