I Know How to Party – Swatches and Wallis

I took a day off today. And you know what?  Mama’s getting a day to herself.  First I took the small people to school and went back to bed, because sleeping in has become an unbelievable luxury since children took over.  I woke up around 11 and rolled out, first hitting Sally’s Beauty Supply for color wheels, then hitting Ulta for Butter London’s “Wallis.”  I also found Revlon’s “Fashionista” so it was a pretty good trip.

I got back home and set myself up for the afternoon.  Let’s get swatching!


Aw shit yeah, let's get this swatching thing started.

The first thing I did was decide how to group my polishes.  I decided to do basic ROY G BIV, but ended up combining yellow and green since I don’t tend to gravitate to those colors.  I also did a wheel for glitter top coats.  I named all of the colors on the underside, and then tested each polish for stamping.  I put a mark by anything that stamped clearly over my mannequin hands manicure.

The other thing I did was multiple coats.  I did a first coat all over the template.  I did a second coat over 3/4 of the template and a third coat over 1/2 of the template.  I did a pass with Essie’s Matte About You on the bottom 1/4 so I can see how each color looks when matted.

It was goddamned fun.  I only have 50-ish polishes and it took about 3 hours to both paint the 3 coats of swatches and test each one for stamping quality.

Multi-Coat Swatches

Multi-Coat Swatches

I have plenty of room to grow my collection and a couple of empty wheels left over.  It really was helpful to see some of the similar colors side by side.  It was also really helpful to see which ones improve with more coats, and which ones look good shiny or matte.  You can see the orange smudged nail in the above photo, which wasn’t surprising given the formula.  I decided to leave the smudge to remind me that that one is a bit finicky.

Color Wheels

Color Wheels

I think I need to take a break from blue.

Anyway, I decided to redo my nails in Wallis to try to soothe my unsatisfied lust for Chanel’s “Peridot.”  And while Wallis contains the same color ideas, it’s like the dark evil version of what I was looking for.  Which isn’t to say I don’t like it.  I totally like it.  But I still want (a deeply discounted) Peridot.  I did a bit of stamping from BM 212 in Konad special black stamping polish.  The car is Hot Wheels “Duel Fueler,” a split-bodied model with huge rear wheels.

Butter London Wallis

Butter London Wallis, Konad Black, Hot Wheels Duel Fueler.

Butter London Wallis soft light

Another look in softer, warmer light.


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