When Stamping Goes Too Far

Guys, I think I went too far.  I got my four A England polishes and decided I would do “Saint George” with Rimmel “Pure Silver” stamping and accent nail.  Deep green sparkles with the very best silver I’ve ever bought?  Sounds awesome!

Except then I picked a stamp that covers so much of the base that you can’t really see the awesomeness of Saint George.  What the hell, me? I’ll keep it for a couple of days, but then I might need to do a couple of days of non-stamped Saint George.  Because otherwise I waited 10 days for shipping for NO PAYOFF!

A couple of observations about the A England set I got:  “Percival” is very nearly a clone of Butter London’s “Knees Up.”  Percival is just a teensy bit deeper and has a bit of sparkle in the metallic sheen.  It also applied more evenly.  Knees Up is one of my favorite polishes so I’m impressed that I found a superior version.  “Dragon” is nice but I think it needs to grow on me.  Although I might just be annoyed because the brush was bunged up and had lots of shaggy long bristles that I had to tweeze out and trim.  “The Order of the Garter” was the sheerest of the bunch, but with another coat it was quite lovely.

Anyway, here’s my over-the-top St George/Pure Silver mani that I’ll be distracted by all day tomorrow.

A England Saint George and Rimmel Pure Silver

A England Saint George and Rimmel Pure Silver. And an egg. Just a plastic egg. Couldn't find a Hot Wheels car.


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