In Which I Commit Blasphemy

I’m going to say something controversial:

A England nail polishes are disappointing.

I mean hell, I spent around $55 and waited 10 days for shipping because every blog I read about these polishes raved about how amazing they are.  But I’m just not seeing it.  Two of my bottles were stuck shut and J had to use his enormous meathands to snap them open.  My “Dragon” brush had several snaggly hairs that took quite a bit of fiddling to even out.  And now that I decided to do just a straight “Saint George,” it turns out it has a super finicky formula.

It went on thick, then the surface set up so quickly that just completing the coat pulled and wrinkled the previous strokes.  Thickness imperfections are painfully obvious.  Wrapping my tips was messy.  And as I cleaned-up I discovered that it stained my skin.  I know, I know, dark blues and blue greens can do that.  Still, I’d hoped to have my expectations exceeded.

I just kind of feel like it didn’t wow me enough to justify all of the rave reviews I’ve read.  Maybe it’s just me.  Don’t trust my opinion, I can’t even stop flooding my cuticles every damn time.

A England "Saint George" with Hot Wheels Custom Volkswagen Beetle

A England "Saint George" with Hot Wheels Custom Volkswagen Beetle

Interesting note about the car.  It’s a Custom Volkswagen Beetle model with the Brezelkäfer rear window style.  There are a number of these available, distinguishable by paint job and code stamped underneath.  I checked my code against the Hot Wheels Wikia and there’s a conflict.  The underside is stamped with model number L0085, which would make it part of the Ultrahots series.  But when you compare it with the model line-up, it’s actually pretty clearly a P2441, part of the Heat Fleet series.  It indicates a Malaysia origin, which is correct for either model.  So I’m wondering if there was a mistake and the body was painted as a Heat Fleet after it was attached to the Ultrahots undercarriage.  I don’t suspect that it’s a counterfeit, based on point of purchase, but something is definitely not right.

Whatever.  I’m going to go harumph at my nails now.


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