Taken Down By My Own Frugality

I like to think I myself as frugal. But the truth is I’m just cheap about most things. The exception is whatever my current hobby is, which is when I decide price is no object. So I’ll buy piles of nail polish but cheap out on other stuff to make up for it.

I decided to cheap out on nail polish remover because I figured there was no reason to spend more. I bought a generic pink non-acetone remover at Target and didn’t bother spot testing it.

Turns out it destroyed the top layer of skin on all of my fingers like a chemical burn.


No amount of lotion or oil helps. This morning I scrubbed it with a wet pumice stone and nail brush and abraded some of the dead skin off. But there is no fast fix. I can’t scrub any more, I’ve already irritated the scars on weirdfinger too much. All I can do is keep applying lotion and scrubbing when I can. And in the meantime my fingertips are covered in shreds of parchment-dry skin that catch on fabric and everything else I touch.

I went with non-acetone nail polish remover because everyone says acetone can be drying. IRONY!


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  1. Has this healed up for you yet? To me it doesn’t look like a chemical burn (I’ve had quite a few before) it looks more like an allergic reaction. My skin looks exactly the same after if I come in contact with chlorox. If you’re your skin still looks like this you should try Rosebud salve, it works really well. I know people use it as a lip balm, but it was orinally to treat dry skin, burns, rashes, things like that.

    • You may be right, and this was more of a contact dermatitis. I did clear it up, thanks to some cotton gloves and a lot of lotion. I basically slept with them soaking in Jergons and when I woke up the terribleness was gone.

      Interestingly the green generic non-acetone remover doesn’t do this to me. Just the pink. There’s something in there my skin totally hates.

  2. This really helped me. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my finger tips because all of them look like this picture. I tried paying attention to soaps and products I was using and finally narrowed it down to the nail polish remover. I was using real acetone though and it’s almost like chemical burns. I’ve even lost the feeling in the tips of my fingers. I went to the doctor and was give some cream that didn’t help. I will try scrubbing the skin and just keeping them moisturized.

    • Sally’s Beauty Supply sells cheap cotton gloves, and if you lotion up heavily before bed and wear gloves to protect them, you may find you’ve improved by morning. That’s what did it for me. Good luck!

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