Bubble White: Amazing Power of Nothing!

So I decided to try Bubble White, the infamous whitener for stained fingernails.  Reviews are mixed.  Some people say it works wonders, some say it works a little bit, and many people say it does nothing.  I’ve got just a bit of yellowing so I figured I might as well give it a shot.  Hold on to your hats, because the results are shocking!

Yellowed Nails Before

Yellowed Nails Before

Yellowed Nails After

Yellowed Nails After


So……. Bubble White?  Not so much.

I decided the healthy thing to do would be to cover my stained nails with a color that’s even more likely to stain.  I use Nail Tek Foundation II but I suspect it doesn’t create a quite impermeable membrane and prevent staining.  It’s great for filling ridges and strengthening and adhering polish, but it has a chalky texture when dried  that doesn’t exactly feel like a barrier.

This is Essie “Devil’s Advocate” with Konad special stamping polish.  I always think my cleanup job looks good, then I take a closeup shot and realize how much is still left behind.  Anyway, the car is Hot Wheels “Mustang Mach.”

You can see just a bit of dryness left but I’m hoping tonight’s glove treatment will clear it up completely.

Essie Devil's Advocate

Essie Devil's Advocate, Konad stamping polish and Hot Wheels Mustang Mach.



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  1. I use OPI nail envy as a base for my fingers, they work quite well in preventing the staining. Also I regular buff the top layers off, and let the nails breathe. 🙂


    • Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve also heard CND Stickey makes a good base coat. Have you tried it?

      I’ll try buffing and see if it helps. I’m always reluctant to go naked and let my nails breathe because they’re flexible and I’m worried they’ll break.

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