St Patrick’s Day is Coming

I don’t usually do theme colors for holidays.  I don’t wear red on Valentine’s day, I don’t do orange and black on Halloween, and I certainly don’t do green on St Patrick’s day.  But my employer put out a notice today that said they’ve approved an office game where anyone spotted not wearing green is fair game to have their photo put up on the company’s Facebook page.  It’s their way of being fun, the idea originated with the employees, but I have a strict policy about not letting employers use my image for profit if i’m not getting a cut.  So I’ve got to come up with something green.

I don’t want to mess with the manicure I have now, so I decided to experiment on a nail wheel.  I ultimately settled on four options: A England “Dragon,” Milani “Green Glow,” Sephora OPI “Caught With My Khakis Down,” and OPI “Glitzerland.”  I used this opportunity to try out sponging for the first time, and taping for the second time.  I even tried dots and hand-placed glitter, with disastrous results.

St Patrick's Day Test

L to R: A England "Dragon," OPI "Glitzerland," Milani "Green Glow," Sephora OPI "Caught With My Khakis Down."

I like the gold over dark green gradient, so for that reason I’m leaning towards Glitzerland over Dragon (3rd from left).  But I also think I like the half-moon mani with Dragon at the base and Green Glow on the rest.  I can then stamp a shamrock in Dragon over Green Glow.  That one is certainly less subtle, and since I don’t want any sneaky office photographers missing my green, that’s the one I might go with.  But at some point, for a non-holiday reason, I’m doing that gold over green gradient.  Dragon has an awesome gold sheen so the combo goes really nicely together.

So at this point I’m leaning towards the half-moon with shamrock stamp.  I may only stamp my ring fingers, though.  I don’t want to go overboard.  I’ve got to maintain some of my holiday humbug, right?


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