Cover Me, I’m Going Nude

So I reluctantly decided to let my nails breathe for once.  This is a little scary because being unpolished leaves me vulnerable to biting and breaks.  A glossy colorful manicure prevents biting and strengthens my nails.  I’m a little worried that by tomorrow night I’ll be back to little stubs.

But I need to tackle the staining now before it gets worse.  I decided to go after it a couple of ways.  After reading a helpful comment on the Bubble White entry and watching approximately a thousand youtube videos I decided to do two things

  1. Buff my nails to try to physically lift the stained surface layer
  2. Soak my nails in a mixture of baking soda and peroxide

So that’s what I did.  I didn’t buff much, and probably should have done more.  But I have some pretty significant ridges and I’m always worried that buffing enough to level them will thin my nails to the point of weakness.  I think the buffing was good, though, because it definitely lifted most of the stains and it helped smooth some newly developed peeling.

The whitening treatment is made from equal parts peroxide and baking soda.  I used a tablespoon of each, mixing up a separate batch for each hand.  While the treatment seemed effective, I will say that it’s a fast way to find out if you have any paper cuts or nicks you weren’t aware of.  It’s a stinger!

So anyway, this is what I ended up with, pre-moisturizer:

Nude Nails

Nude Nails

Tonight I will resist temptation and won’t paint them.  Not even a clear coat.  Tomorrow these suckers will breathe.

Oh yeah, and I wanted to share a bit about my previous mani.  I took this photo just before stripping the polish off tonight.  This is 3 days of significant wear and tear.  I’m a clumsy gal so my hands take a lot of impact.  I have twin preschoolers to dress, chase, wrangle, and clean up after.  I cook dinner every night and this week I’m on dishes duty while J is working long hours on a big design project.  I bathed the boys, cleared the bath tub, and emptied kiddie potties a thousand times.  And aside from a bit of shrinkage that I never seem to be able to avoid even with very careful tip wrapping, it looks damn good.  Sure, in an closeup photo you can see the tip imperfections, but at a realistic distance for myself or anyone else they look as good as new.  I have to chalk that up to the combination of Nailtek Foundation II base coat and Seche Vite topcoat.  I’m going to try CND Stickey and OPI Nail Envy in the hopes of getting similar chip control but maybe some better protection against staining. But damn, I love this Nailtek stuff.

Day 3 Mani

Day 3 Mani


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