Stupid Holiday! Stupid Mani!

I hate this motherfucking mani.

No pictures, it’s just a friggin mess and I’m too tired to mess with it anymore. This Milani “Green Glow” is incredibly sheer, which I didn’t realize during swatching because the plastic nail wheel is uniform in color. Three coats on my nail, but the white tips of my nails were still extremely visible.

So I stripped it all off. I then applied a layer of OPI “Alpine Snow” and covered it in green. Still took 3 layers of green to become uniform. So that’s 4 layers.

Then I tried to stamp the shamrock but I was impatient and rushed it, resulting in smudges. Cleared the smudges and fixed the base coat. Then bumped my thumb before it was set. Had to clean it off and start over.

I’m done. Plain green, no taping, no stamping. If the green had just been opaque I would have gotten somewhere. I’ll never understand how ultra-sheer acid green could be good for anyone.

I don’t even want a bright green mani. I just don’t want to get hassled at work tomorrow.

OH YEAH and my Chanel “Peridot” dupe, Catrice “Genius in the Bottle,” arrived from Germany today. Ohmygodiloveit. I can’t wait for this holiday to pass so I can wear it. But unfortunately that duochrome skews so copper that I’m sure no holiday-type jerks would notice the green.

SO MUCH COMPLAINING! I’ll be more chipper Saturday night when I can ditch this BS manicure. Here, check out Genius in the Bottle:


Here’s me trying to show off the duochrome loveliness without showing the shit-show that is my current polish job.



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  1. LOL this post cracked me up, I am sorry to laugh at your pain, just that I also had a very frustrating mani night last night… I am doing the 31 Day challenge and am on “stripes” wanted to do them cute for the holida, I had bought water decals with these pretty celtic shamrocks I would put on my ring fingers as I don’t have stamps yet… WELL…. I used white as a base and maybe its me, but EVerytime I use white nail polish It feels like it takes two weeks to dry and I try to use as little as possible… then I used tape. the first finger it peeled the white right off! Then I waited another hour and they seemed a little more dry. but then the tape wouldn’t stick? some of the polish creeped under the tape and made messy lines. The celtic water decals got all funny after I put top coat on, which they NEVER do! So agian I say that I am sorry that I am laughing at your pain, really more laughing in amusement, because I had an awful time as well. I ended up taking 4 of my fingers, polish off last night and I now have three bare fingers as I hated those nials and I will “fix” them today for the pics for the challenge. UGH this is too much work. I cannot wait for you to try out your new polish looks beautiful! Sorry I rambled here, just felt your pain :/

    • your night sounds like my night! i’m glad i’m not the one who sometimes finishes a manicure with a scowl. i’ve had similar frustration with taping. it looks like it’s so easy! why isn’t it easy?!

      • I have no clue! Drove me nuts, I just breathed slowly took off the polish that i didnt like and I will reconvein later haha Good luck when you re-do too!

  2. Heh, it’s kinda surreal to see that bottle in your hands now, knowing it travelled all the way across the ocean :o)! Glad you love it!

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