Holo Hella Holy Crap!

It’s springtime in Georgia.  We’re smack dab in an annual 2-week period when the pear and cherry and plum trees blossom in hysterical fits of puffy, fluffy flowers.  This 2-week period is why I stay in the South.  All of the heat of the summer and lack of snowy winter is worth it just for the puffy fluffy fluffy puffy flower trees.

Cherry Tree

IT'S SO FLUFFY! This one may have influenced my home buying decision.

Of course the warmth of spring dictates the first appearance of open-toed shoes.  And the first appearance of a winter-neglected pedicure.  Which, frankly, I used mostly to randomly test colors when no fingers were available.  They’re chipped and worn and looking pretty awful.

Bad Toes


So anyway, I’ve got to get this cleaned up.  But not tonight.  Tonight I get to try my first holo.

I considered eBay and investigated auctions for Nfu Oh 61, GOSH and China Glaze OMG.  But seeing as those polishes rarely go for less than $30 and frequently go for more than $50 I decided it wasn’t worth it.  I almost gave up, but one fateful day I just happened to check out Llarowe when Ozotic 509 was in stock.  I placed my order and a week later it arrived.  It’s now out of stock so it looks like I got in just in time.

It applied like a dream, although it did take 3 coats to be fully opaque.  I skipped the base and top coats based on common holo advice.  The bottom line here?  Basically I never want to wear my nails any other way.   I want to be holoed forever!

Want to see?  Here goes.  I apologize in advance if I lose my shit.

Ozotic 509

Ozotic 509 (3 coats) and Hot Wheels Torque Twister.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HOLY SHIT RAINBOWS!  SO MANY RAINBOWS I’M GOING TO DIE!  Ohmygodohmygodohmygod my brain is exploding!  It’s amazing!  It’s holotastic!

Okay okay okay I’m calm.  Let’s have another look.

Ozotic 509 with egg

Ozotic 509 (3 coats) with egg.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH OHGODYES!  Okay okay okay sorry.  I’ve got it under control.

Maybe one of my patented stop-motion gifs.  Ray Harryhausen, eat your heart out.

Ozotic 509 stop motion gif

Ozotic 509 stop motion gif



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