Taping Saves the Day

My Ozotoc 509 mani has been holding up quite well, considering I’m using no base coat and no top coat. The tips looked a little worn today, thanks to the bright idea to do my toes last night (OPI Sephora’s “Techno Girl”). A little nail polish remover bleed dulled the finish a bit.

So I decided to tape the tips and add a layer of OPI’s “Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous.” The camera makes it look black, but it’s really a deep, shimmery charcoal gray.


Then I thought, let’s get some new scenery and I can mention another blogworthy thing I like.


Here are my perfumes. Lush Karma just barely visible to the left, Lush Ginger in the background, L’eau par Kenzo in the blue-necked bottle, Burberry London in the plaid bottle and Vera Wang Bouquet in the faceted bottle. I like smells.


You know what else I like? My cat, Roger. He was an orphan J and I found in the parking lot of our apartment complex a few weeks before our wedding. Nearly 8 years later and he’s the best kitty I ever had. Last fall he got outside by accident and he hasn’t wanted to be an indoor cat since. It bums me out not to cuddle on the couch with him anymore, but he is unswervingly committed to living outside now. We have a nightly ritual where I sit with him while he eats, then he head-butts me and lets me cuddle him on the porch. He’s pretty great.

That’s it. Tomorrow night I’m having a full on polish party with the massive haul I got this week. Several OPIs, some China Glaze Hunger Games colors, a couple of Nfu Oh holos, dotting tools and striping tape. It’s going to be so much fun, dammit.


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