Nail Polish Party

Last night I stayed at a hotel.  I wasn’t travelling for work or vacation, in fact the hotel was just a few miles up the highway from my house.  This hotel visit was entirely about mommy time.  J does motion graphics and 3d animation at a major broadcasting company and during this time of year I end up single-parenting for 3 weeks.  That means I get up at 6 and go 90-miles an hour for the next 14 hours before I get a moment’s thought to myself.  My job has become much more hectic and stressful since my promotion so the exhaustion was more pronounced than I anticipated.  So when J’s project ended he offered to give me a full night off.

The wonderful thing about the hotel idea is that, unlike at home, the isolation is real.  If you do a night off at home you’re not guaranteed to have a break.  Kids will still interrupt, the laundry is just sitting there judging you… I got the idea after I saw the movie “Date Night” starring Tina Fey and Steve Carrell.  During one scene Tina’s character says her ultimate fantasy is to sit in a hotel and eat lunch with no one touching her.  The familiarity of that sentiment hit me like a ton of bricks.  A quick google search before writing this entry tells me approximately 3 billion other mom bloggers felt similarly.

So off I went to do my hotel night.  This was my second one, my first was after last year’s upfront season.  I chose a suite-style room with a kitchenette and big TV for movie watchin’.  On my way to the hotel I picked up dinner, some chocolate, a Hot Wheels car and OH YEAH I also brought my entire collection of nail polish with me.

Hotel Collection

I cropped this so you wouldn't see the toilet in the bathroom over there.

Now why might someone transport 75+ polishes, along with tools and implements for one night in a hotel room?  Because that’s the point of hotel night.  To do something you want to do with no interruptions, just because it makes you happy.  And right now this is what makes me happy.  Plus I rewatched “How to Train Your Dragon” while I played around, so that was good.  I did several mani experiments before the fumes made me stop.  Here’s an assortment of swatches.  There’s little rhyme or reason here.

The first thing I tried was my new striping tape.  I love how striping tape looks so I was excited when it arrived before hotel night.  It was surprisingly easy to apply and sealed very flat to the lacquered surface.  I did not do a clear topcoat on this, seeing as I was just planning on stripping it back off, but clearly it would be necessary.  I’ll definitely be using this stuff for realsies soon.

Striping Tape test

Striping tape is surprisingly easy to apply.

The next thing I did was swatch all of my holographic polishes.  I recently bought several, trying to scratch the itch that the current holo trend put in me.  In the above photo you can see day 4 of Ozotic 509, a gorgeous linear holo that I’ve been wearing the life out of.  By day 4 the amazing shine was getting dull so it was time to say goodbye.  I decided to try the other holos, using Nfu Oh’s Aqua base for all of them.

Holo Comparison with Labels

Pinky: Ozotic 509, Ring: Layla Mercury Twilight, Middle: China Glaze FYI, Pointer: Nfu Oh 63, Thumb: Nfu Oh 65. All shown over Nfu Oh Aqua Base

The Layla polish was my biggest surprise.  I slapped it on top of Ozotoic 509 the day it arrived but was unimpressed.  Now I think I was interfering with the rainbows by stacking them, because it definitely outshone Ozotic in this comparison.  China Glaze FYI was my biggest disappointment because the rainbows are so difficult to see in anything but direct hard sunlight.  Nfu Oh 65 is downright amazing.  And yes, I think the Aqua Base made a difference.

Next I tried out the Tiffany box blue I picked up.  It’s not a typical color for me but I got a hankering to try it.  I should have been a savvier shopper but I grabbed Wet n Wild’s I Need a Refresh-mint and figured it would be good enough.  While I appreciated the wide brush, the formula itself was a bit streaky and required three coats.  I think a topcoat of Seche Vite would help.  After seeing how this one and OPI Sephora’s Havana Nights applied, I’m starting to wonder if there are any light blue cremes out there that apply evenly.


Wet n Wild's I Need a Refresh-mint with hot Wheels 77 Charger.

Next I decided to break out my new dotting tools and give them a try.  I chose China Glaze’s Harvest Moon from the Hunger Games Capitol Colors collection.  In my head this was supposed to look like bronze nailhead trim.  Considering I’ve never dotted before I’m not totally disappointed.  I definitely need practice, though.

Nailhead test

Wet n Wild's I Need a Refresh-mint with China Glaze's Harvest Moon.

So then I decided to compare the two copperybronzey tones I have.  This is China Glaze’s Harvest Moon and OPI’s Brisbane Bronze.  Please forgive the sloppy cleanup.

Bronzes Labeled

Pinky and Middle: OPI's Brisbane Bronze, Ring and Pointer: China Glaze's Harvest Moon. Sloppy cuticles.

Next it was time to try three purples, or rather two purples and one red.  Orly’s Out of This world, a duochrome glitter in a blackened base. OPI’s Black Cherry Chutney, and OPI’s Royal Rajah Ruby.  The Orly was a score that I found hidden on a top shelf of forgotten inventory at CVS.  I picked up the other two because I heard OPI is retiring its India collection.  More sloppy cleanup.

Purples Labeled

Ring: OPI's Royal Rajah Ruby, Middle: OPI's Black Cherry Chutney, Pointer: ORLY's Out of This World.

Then I decided to try two yellow shades I ordered recently.  I tried China Glaze’s Wagon Trails and OPI’s Simply Smashing.  Simply Smashing is quite sheer so I then tried a coat of it over Wagon Trails.  Of course that neutralized the yellow sheen of Wagon Trails, making it pretty much the same as a plain old black base.  Won’t be trying that again.

Yellows Labeled

Pinky and Middle: China Glaze's Wagon Trails, Ring and Pointer: OPI's Simply Smashing.

Yellow Redux

Pinky and Middle: China Glaze's Wagon Trails with OPI's Simply Smashing topcoat.

Okay so by this point the fumes were getting to me.  Plus I was getting tired.  It was time to go lie down in a big king bed with no one there to jostle or wake me, where I could hog all four feather pillows and set the temperature exactly where I wanted it.  So I finished out my evening with the mani I wanted to keep.

This is a metallic foil texture mix.  I alternated Zoya’s Trixie with Orly’s Luxe.  I changed up the fingers on my left hand so there are 5 of each color.  The textures are so similar that they work really well together.  I’m pretty damn pleased.  This also gave me a chance to try my new CND Stickey basecoat.  It’s similar to the Orly Bonder I tried last week.  Bonder kept my lacquer from chipping for several days.  We’ll see if CND Stickey performs similarly well.

Foils Labeled

Pinky and Middle: Zoya Trixie, Ring and Pointer: Orly Luxe. CND Stickey basecoat, Seche Vite Topcoat.

And so my hotel night came to an end.  Or rather, I went to sleep.  I slept like the dead until 9 a.m., an unthinkable luxury.  I woke up because I was ready to wake up, not because two preschoolers were having a jumping party on the floor above me.  It was incredible.  Then I was able to take a relaxing long hot shower without  being careful to leave enough hot water for J.  And no children screamed angrily at each other while I was washing my hair.  It was bliss.

I left around 10:00, ready to meet my family for lunch.  The stress from the last 3 weeks has melted away and I feel more present, less anxious, and not one bit guilty for my indulgence.

Moms, seriously, get yourself a hotel night.  You’ve earned it.


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