Basecoat Betrayal

Glitter Chip

Are you fucking kidding me?


I noticed this about a minute and a half after I left the house this morning.  Too late to go back and fix it.  Now I have to go another 8 hours without picking at it or biting it.

And all I keep thinking is that this is my first mani using CND Stickey and I really really really want to blame that product for the chip.  Then again, I had one sizeable chip with Nail Tek Foundation II, the base coat I was using up until recently.

But oh just as I was typing that I looked down and noticed a small chip on my right middle finger, too.  I know I should be logical and scientific about this.  I added the glitter coat a day after the base coat and Seche Vite’d over the top.  That could have had more to do with the chip than the base coat.  Still, I’ve glittered the hell out of my nails before, and I use Seche Vite every time.  This is an unprecedented lacquer fracture.

Tonight I’m going to try out my new bottle of OPI Nail Envy nail strengthener, and I read a recommendation to do a sticky base coat on top of that.  So I’ll probably go back to Orly Bonder.  I’ll go back to try CND Stickey again sometime when I’m sure I’ve eliminated the other variables.


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