Glow Stick Bath Night

After nap today, Jacob asked us if we could have a “special fun day.”  He suggested things like the petting zoo, a special store that features a talking batman, and other similarly difficult to implement ideas.  Fortunately I had an idea that was easy to implement.  I’d seen the glow stick bath idea pop up on Pinterest once or twice and suddenly it seemed like the perfect thing to make a special memory.

Glow Sticks

I did some quick online searching for cheap glow sticks.  I wanted a bundle of several, preferably different colors.  They couldn’t have strings or metal findings.  I found 10 bracelets for $5 at Target in the party supply area.  J kept the boys occupied while I drew the bath and cracked all of the sticks.  I tossed them in and covered the window, then called them up to get undressed.  The glowing tub blew their minds.

Glow Stick Bathtub

They played for a long time, every now and then pausing to ask me why the sticks glow.  I explained the chemical reaction as simply as I could.  I have a policy of always giving them real answers even when the questions are complex, in the hopes of piquing their interest in how things work.  They understood that there was liquid inside that mixed and lit up, and that’s enough at this age.

Glow Bath

When the bath cooled down and the bubbles all popped it was time to get out.  So we decided to have a rave.  A Yo Gabba Gabba rave.

When I was  tucking them in I asked Jacob if he felt like we’d had a special fun day.  He said, “Yeah… it was awesome.”  He’s never called anything awesome before.  But he’s right.  it was awesome.


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  1. How fun! I can’t wait to try this!

  2. My kids love ‘Glow Baths’! As I work for a glow products company, my kids get spoiled with the treats of glow stick and light product activities regularly. If you want a slew of Glow Games and Glow Crafts suitable for kids, check out my blog – these are things me and my little ones have made up and decided to share! 🙂

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