Hair Removal Technology and Some Blue Stripes

I ran across a mention of a hair removal product on a beauty blog and had to try it. It’s a spring. It’s literally a spring. Why haven’t I seen one of these before? Living under a rock, I guess. Anyway, it’s called a Bellabe or Epicare or generically a hair threader. I found one on for about $4 so I figured I might as well try it. It arrived today.

Hair Removal Spring

Okay so I can’t read any of that. That’s going to be a challenge. Let’s see if there’s an alternate language set of instructions on back.

Spring Hair Removal 2

Nnnnnnnope! All right, I can figure it out. Let’s look at those images.

Spring Hair Removal Instructions

Here’s what I understand. It’s a spring. there are boy and girl sections of your face, and the spring needs to travel in the direction of several differently-designed arrows. What the heck is going on here? Who thought this would–

Spring Hair Removal Seal

Oh okay. It’s okay, everyone, it come from Japan. Let’s see it in action!

Spring Hair Removal Demo

Well… well that’s not this product at all. That’s an old woman holding a string in her mouth while she threads a mud-caked woman’s cheeks. Time for a few YouTube tutorials. Here’s the technique in a nutshell: curve the spring in a U, hold it against your face, and roll your fingers outwards to roll it up your face. You want to roll against the grain to pick up the hairs easier. If you’re working in a soft area like the upper lip you can puff your cheeks out to get better traction. Here’s the bottom line:

  1. Holy fuckballs it hurts. I mean like tears running down your face involuntarily kind of pain.
  2. It totally works. Hairs were yanked out by the root, son.

Every time I rolled it across my face I could feel and see it removing hair, and could even see the root bulbs on many. My hope is that the regrowth will eventually be thinner and finer but maybe that’s just me buying into the marketing of other epilator style systems.

Tweezing is less painful but it’s one hair at a time. Depilatory creams are definitely the least painful method but they’re slow, stink, and can irritate sensitive skin. This thing is fast. Waxing is faster but that’s like SCREAMING ouch. The spring is more like quiet weeping. I think I’m going to keep trying the spring to see if I can accustom myself to the pain. Good luck with that, right?

In other news I redid my nails and totally hate what I ended up with. I did 2 coats of Wet n Wild Wild Shine “Rain Check” and filled in taped-off wedges with A England “Order of the Garter.” Both colors are beautiful on their own but the whole triangle angle thing doesn’t appeal to me. Unfortunately I’m sort of stuck with it until Friday, when I’ll be attempting something Eastery.

Blue Wedges

A England’s Order of the Garter, Wet n Wild’s Rain Check and a weird cardboard lenticular guitar.




Someone pointed this out, and now I like this mani,  ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

Futurama Title Screen

Big futurama fan.


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