Girly Dots – Rimmel’s English Rose and Steel Grey

Today I went outside of my comfort zone.  I didn’t intend to, but I took a swing through the cosmetics section at Target and stumbled upon a rack of Rimmel.  I usually skip pinks and reds, with very few exceptions, but I couldn’t stop staring at a shade called English Rose.  It’s a deep, dusty blush in a rich creme finish.  I also picked up Rimmel’s Steel Grey, which is in no way gray.  It’s a beautiful mushroomy taupe.  I decided it was time to go for the dot mani.  This also gave me a chance to try out Gelous, the thick, glossy topcoat everyone raves about.

Rose Dots Supplies

Near to far: CND Stickey basecoat, Rimmel English Rose, Rimmel Steel Grey, OPI Alpine White, Gelous topcoat. Not pictured: Seche Vite topcoat.

Rimmel’s English Rose is ridiculously pretty.  It’s nicely shiny by itself but I found it somewhat lacking without a clear topcoat.  I think I’m on the topcoat drug because I feel like every color I use is lacking without a topcoat.  I love the gloss.  Formula-wise this was okay.  It covered in two coats but it wasn’t terribly self-leveling.  Brush strokes really wanted to show.

Rimmel English Rose

Two coats of Rimmel's English Rose, no top coat.

So then I decided it was time to break out the dotting tools.  I’ve been eyeballing nail art pens but I’m not yet committed enough to the idea of nail art to buy one yet.  I found DIY dotting tools to difficult to handle, so I went ahead and bought a set of dedicated tools on Amazon.  I got a set of five double-sided tools, but to be honest several of the tips are so similarly sized that I feel like I could have done with just two.

Dotting Tools

Dotting Tools. The large one was used for the taupe dots, the small one was used for the white dots.

The actual dotting part was easy.  I decided to do a diagonal line of loosely clustered dots from the bottom corner to top corner.  Here’s a view in indirect sunlight and direct sunlight.  Oh yeah, this is also with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite.  Oh my god the gloss! I keep thinking the word “juicy” is the best description, but that’s kind of gross.

Rimmel English Rose Soft Sunlight 1

Rimmel's English Rose, Rimmel's Steel Grey, OPI's Alpine Snow, Gelous Topcoat, Seche Vite topcoat, and Hot Wheels' 2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car.

Rimmel English Rose Soft Sunlight 2

Rimmel English Rose Bright Sunlight


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