Baby’s First Half Moon Mani

This is my first attempt to do a half moon manicure. I finally found some binder hole reinforcing stickers to do the curve, but getting them centered and equidistant from the cuticle on each finger was challenging. I did learn that it works better if you cut the sticker in half, rather than trying to make the full round sticker adhere smoothly. Pro tip!

The moon is OPI’s Designer… De Better! and the overlay is Essie’s Merino Cool. I almost went with Essie’s Chinchilly but it was a hair too pale.

Designer… De Better! Is a gorgeous champagne metallic foil with a hint of warm sparkles. It covers beautifully, just barely needing a whisper of a second cost. Dries very fast, too. Merino Cool is a rich creme that self-levels nicely and went on smooth over the foil finish base coat. I did two coats to ensure full coverage. I really like the texture contrast between the foil and creme. And considering how dark my recent lacquers have been, this is practically summery for me!

I had a nasty hangnail incident on my pinky but my right hand is worse, thanks to a broken and rebroken ring fingernail. All three shots are cell phone pictures but that’s all I’ve got today, folks!


OPI's Designer... De Better! and Essie's Merino Cool.


OPI's Designer... De Better! and Essie's Merino Cool.


OPI's Designer... De Better!, Essie's Merino Cool, and Colgate's Spongebob Squarepants Toothpaste.


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