Another Thing I Like: Lush

I love Lush.  If you’ve never been, get up and go RIGHT NOW.  First of all, they have the world’s best cuticle cream, Lemony Flutter.  I used to use Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream but Lush’s lemon product is oodles better.  The texture is rich and creamy, and I find Burt’s feels grainy by comparison.

While at Lush this weekend I picked up a bottle of Olive Branch and a Fresh Face Mask (only available in stores and not represented on the US website).  My favorite mask is Catastrophe Cosmetic, which has calamine and blueberries in it, because it’s very soothing for sensitive, rosacea-prone skin.  For the same reason I like to use Fresh Farmacy as a face cleanser.  It’s one of the few products on earth that actually decreases redness for me.

Anyway, on to the face mask.

Catastophe Cosmetic

Catastrophe Cosmetic in Lush's classic little black tub.

Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask

Catastrophe Cosmetic's uneven texture.

The masks are blended by hand, which yields a variable texture.  It’s lumpier and less homogenized than typical commercially available masks.  Also, because these masks primarily use perishable ingredients they’s produced in small batches and delivered every few days.  They’re kept in a refrigerator and you need to keep them refrigerated when you get them home.

This is where the Fresh Face Mask gets tricky.  They’re kept cool so they don’t spoil, but cold masks don’t apply easily.  The texture is already lumpy, and then it’s cold going on.  As your skin warms the mask it gets easier, but those first few dabs are like YIKES.

Face Mask Texture

Here's the uneven application. It's just impossible to get it any smoother than that. Also, don't make me regret posting a photo of my cheek, internet.

But look, what really matters is the result.  The mask only needs 5 minutes to be effective and washes away easily with warm water.  My face is left soft and smooth, with virtually no redness.  I tend to be a bit oily and that feels nicely reduced, too.  So the bottom line here is that these things are a little unusual but totally worth it.  You can get several applications from one pot.

What else?  OH YEAH!  My nail broke again.  Same nail.  Same exact location.  It was barely growing in and it split down even further than before.  Like this is a major, major, major huge split.  It goes so far down that I’m not sure it’s not the result of a gypsy curse.

Rebroken Nail

The tip of the iceberg. Good grief, why is this happening again??

I tried to seal the split with several layers of lacquer but that really didn’t help.  It finally caught on my shirt tonight and I realized I would have to cut it down again.  To get to the base of the split I had to go way way way WAY down.  I’m so bummed right now.  Look at this shit!

Cut Down Nail


I’m going to go weep into my pillow and pretend this never happened.


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  1. Thanks for your post. I’m heading to Lush now to get some goodies! I’m a first timer. Anyways, my thumb nail broke in half too, like ridiculously under the nail line 😦 but at least there’s still a small layer of nail covering it. Yuck. It’s so gross to think about.

    • Hold on to your wallet, Lush will take all of your money. If you want any other product recommendations I could go on for pages and pages. I’ve tried a ridiculous amount of their products.

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