Ancient Polishes from the Archive

Hey, how about a trip into my nail polish archive?  A couple of nights ago I suddenly remembered all of the lacquers that had been languishing in a drawer since the last time I did my nails.  Which was, like, nearly a decade ago.  Let’s have a look.


Del Sol Color Changing Polish

First up I have four Del Sol color changing polish.  I picked these up in 2004 in Charleston, SC, when J and I were on our honeymoon.  The store where I found these offered lots of UV color changing products, but these were the items that caught my eye.  The color change was real, not quite as strong as the sticker on the cap, but strong enough.  The only problem was that the colors themselves weren’t too exciting so I never found a reason to wear them.  As you can see the white has leaked, dried and crusted over the years.  I plan on trying these out one sunny day, and if they still seem to change in sunlight I’ll thin the white and see if I can save it.  Honeymoon polish!  Worth keeping.


Nubar's Baby Blue and Green Tea

These are also sentimental.  I bought these in 2008, my first 3-free polishes and my first internet nail polish order.  These were purchased for one very special reason;


Jacob L, Owen R, 3 1/2 weeks old

Sometimes you try for one and nature gives you two.  I gave birth to twins in 2008 and knew based on ultrasound that they were identical (diamniotic, monochorionic, which means two amniotic sacs and one placenta).  I feared this would present a challenge during the early days, when sleep deprivation and similarity between them would make identification challenging.  I purchased the above Nubar polishes so I could paint a big toenail on each boy.  Owen was green, Jacob was blue.

As it turns out there was a noticeable size difference between them, and their head shapes were slightly different due to their location in utero.  Jacob, who slept on my bladder, had a round head.  Owen, who snugged up under my ribs, was a little pointier.  In fact, they didn’t look enough alike to confuse anyone until about 5 months old.  These days, of course, they look distinct.  But in those early days I was anxious about a possible mix-up.  I painted their toenails anyway, just in case.

Misc Old Stuff

Miscellaneous old stuff.

The Badtz Maru one in the middle used to be cotton candy scented.  I remember thinking it was so sparkly but compared to current glitter polishes it looks dull.  The Sally Hansen Chrome polish on the far right was purchased around 1996 and is my oldest lacquer.  I bought during my rave days in college, when shiny things were my obsession.  During those days I wore silver lipstick, silver nail polish, shiny vinyl Airwalks, and blue streaks in my hair.  I remember the chrome polish being fabulously reflective, but what’s in the bottle doesn’t match that vision.  It may be that my perspective is skewed because at the time there were no other silver polish options.  Which made this stuff a revolutionary product.

When I whittled my collection down in 2003 I got rid of most of my lacquers.  These are the few I kept or purchased since then.  I need to test each one and decide whether to incorporate them into my current collection or keep them separate in their own drawer.  At this point I keep them more for sentimental value than cosmetic value.

How about you?  How old is your oldest polish?


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