The White Whale! Nfu Oh 61

I, like much of the world, have been waiting for Nfu Oh 61 to come back into stock.  It is the holy grail of silver linear holos.  I’ve stalked many eBay auctions, hoping to find one that came close to retail price.  Turns out my stinginess paid off because it finally came back in.  I would have missed it, too, if a helpful Reddit Laquerista hadn’t posted a heads up.  So I got it, and I paid a very reasonable $12.  Score!

This is my third silver holo and I wanted to do some kind of detail without ruining the linear rainbows.  So I did a racing stripe.  This is one coat of Nfu Oh’s Aqua base, two coats of Nfu Oh 61, and a taped stripe of Catrice’s Dirty Berry.

Nfu Oh 61 Stripe

Nfu Oh's 61 with Catrice's Dirty Berry and Hot Wheels '70 Buick GSX.

Nfu Oh 61 Restroom

Nfu Oh 61 with Catrice's Dirty Berry. I took this one in the restroom at work because the lighting makes the rainbows go crazy.

This was a nice change from my last two manis, which were so disappointing that I didn’t even post them.  First I picked up China Glaze’s Agro and decided to stamp it with OPI’s Simply Smashing.  When that didn’t show up I re-stamped with Konad’s gold special polish.  And that sucked, too.  Here, see the suckage:

Agro Stamped

China Glaze's Agro stamped with OPI's Simply Smashing and Konad gold special polish.

So I removed that after one day and bought a lovely pinky rosy purply Essie called Angora Cardi.  The formula was fabulous and I loved the color, but I ruined it by stamping weird fans over the top in white.  The contrast was awful.

Fan Nails

Essie's Angora Cardi stamped with Konad white special stamping polish.

The thing is, I did a bunch of cuticle work before all of this and they looked fabulous.  By the time I did all of this crap my cuticles were thrashed again, as you can see in the first photo.

Cuticle Work

Clean and lovely cuticles. For about five minutes.

Anyway, I hope I’m just in a funk.  I think I need to take a break from stamping and just enjoy some colors for a while.  It’s such a bummer to put the time in and then hate what you ended up with.


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  1. I don’t hate the fans at all! They look cool all mishmoshed and angular. But I LOVE the holo polish.

    • the holo is so ridiculous that you can see the rainbows in indirect light, too. lesser holos only shine in direct sunlight but this one is like LOOK AT ME! I AM ALL COLORS! It’s so bright that the camera isn’t sure how to capture it.

  2. Yay for Nfu Oh 61! The rainbows are truly insane! I need to use that one soon again, but right now my nails are too short to look good with it. :o(
    I like the fan manicure too!

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