Another Nail Polish Storage Idea

I shared my hanging jewelry sorter storage solution a few weeks ago.  Given the rate at which my collection is growing it should come as no surprise that I’ve already outgrown it.  I found another solution that I thought I should share.


Kupol from Ikea, shown with casters.

Ikea.  Oh blessed Ikea.  Thou art so frugal in thy secondary storage.  Erm… whatever.  This is the Kupol.  It comes in many sizes.  I got a big one ($21).  I also got the casters ($4) so I can roll it around.  Total cost: $25.  Now, why would I buy this instead of a Helmer or a Melmer? Because I need something with a low profile that can be stashed out of sight.  I can’t have a big cabinet occupying space like a piece of furniture.  The Kupol slides into my closet adjacent to the shoe rack.  Works beautifully.

It comes with dividers that can be inserted a couple of different ways.  In this first configuration I created a cubby for each color.  Front row L to R: reds and pinks, oranges and yellows, greens, holos and stamping polishes.  Second row L to R: light purples, light blues, browns and neutrals, metallics (silver, gold, champagne).  Back row L to R: dark purples, dark blues, black white and gray, glitters and flakies and other special FX topcoats.

Kupol Sort 1

Kupol storage multi-cubby configuration.

You can also take the vertical or horizontal slats out and consolidate your organization more.  In the configuration below I combined colors into pieces of the spectrum: red, orange, yellow and green in slot one; blue, browns and neutrals in slot two; purples, blacks, whites and grays in slot three; and metallics, glitters, flakies, holos, stamping and special FX topcoats in slot four.

Kupol Sort 2

Kupol storage with just vertical slats.

I believe this is about a hundred polishes.  My guess is that I’ve got room for about 30 more, give or take, before I’ll need to think about adding more storage.  My ability to judge empty space is not so great.  BUT WAIT, Kupol is stackable.  It comes with connector tabs that snap into the back so you can stack them on top of each other.

In the end, yes, a Helmer or Melmer would be more cost effective.  I believe the Helmer can hold up to 400 polishes and costs around $40.  But I’m a far cry from 400, my purchasing has slowed a bit so it’s pretty far off in the future, and as I said I can’t have a friggin’ cabinet in my room dedicated to lacquers.

So there you go.  Kupol.  So far I’m pretty damn pleased with it.


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  1. Hi,

    I’m really liking the Kupol range could you tell me if the inside of the drawer (bottom) is flat? and do the sides have slots for the dividers? and are they included?


    • It does not have a flat bottom, unfortunately. I fixed that with a piece of cardstock cut to fit. There are slots on all sides to fit the dividers into a grid. The dividers come with the container but the wheels are sold separately.

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