Duck! Lasers!

Thanks to the $0.99 Walgreens sale on Sinful Colors I decided to bite the bullet and buy a bunch of neons.  I’ve been scared of neons because it’s a retro concept I didn’t really like the first time around, much less now.  But hey, try new things on the cheap, right?

Now, my camera doesn’t understand neons.  I’m surprised it took a photo at all, rather than making a Scooby Doo “bruh??” noise and shutting down.  So imagine the upcoming photos are actually showing neon colors.

Neon Nails

No, I'm not keeping them this way. Thumb to Pinkie: Sinful Colors Neon Melon 56, Dream On 113, Summer Peach 53, Savage 950, Fusion Neon 60.

Neons are tricky, man.  I’ve read that in product reviews but I experienced it for myself tonight.  I applied a layer of NYC white first because I’ve also read the colors pop if you layer over white.  Who knows?  It certainly didn’t help the neons apply smoothly.  Yellow was the patchiest and blue was the most even.  After two coats it still wasn’t even, although I could tell that if I kept layering I would eventually end up with a lovely leathery matte finish on all fingers.  But seeing as that wasn’t my end game, there wasn’t much point to continue.

This was my end game.  I set the bar high, I know.  I mean if you’re going to emulate another nail blogger’s idea, don’t start by trying to imitate the perfection of Pshiiit.  It’s futile and it just makes your sloppy efforts look sloppier.  I mean look at her hands!  Look at them!  Perfection.

So here’s where I should have thought more about it.  Instead of locating the reference post before starting, I decided to go by memory.  And memory told me a single taped line with the very narrow mylar striping tape would be too narrow.  So I doubled up for thicker lasers.  Bad call.  should have gone with a single width of tape.  The edges would have been cleaner, for sure.

Laser Combo

I layered China Glaze's Liquid Leather over the neons and topped with Seche Vite. The Hot Wheels is called Invader.

Laser Nails in Morning Light

Morning sunlight. Trying to get my camera to respect the neon tones, but it's still not picking it up. The orange is like the color hunters wear during deer season. It can't be missed.

From a conversational distance it’s good enough.  Up close it’s a friggin’ mess.  It didn’t help that I just barely had gotten the Seche Vite applied when one of the weenies woke up with a wet bed and I had to change him while my varnish was still soft.  You can especially tell up close on my left hand, because the wrinkles and smushes are visible at close range.  Such is the risk of doing nail art with small kids in the house.

Oh well, for a bit of kitschy fun it was a worthwhile effort.  And now that I’ve put aside my fear of neons I might play around with them more.  My goal is to find a work-appropriate way to do neons.  Next time I may try stamping over them for cleaner designs that are less labor intensive.

Neon!  *Jazz hands*


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