Border Nail Fail

Have you seen those amazing “border nails” that are making the rounds on Pinterest and nail blogs?  Yeah, ol’ Smapte figured that would be a really good look to try.  I found a tutorial by Miss Jen Fabulous on Youtube.  Looks easy enough, right?  Just lay down your base color and trace around with a nail pen.  Of course I’ve never used a nail pen before.  But it can’t be too hard.  Let’s do this thing!


Border Nail Fail

Base: Milani’s A Rose Mylady, border in Sally Hansen’s nail art pen, and accent nail in Essie’s A Cut Above and Sinful Colors’ Queen of Beauty.

What the fuck, man?  How is it that bad?  I mean I can see having it turn out a little bad.  But this?  This is like…  I mean I don’t have words for this.  It’s just the most amazing fail ever.  It’s like breathtakingly awful.  I’m almost proud of how bad it is.  How much more bad could it be?  The answer is none.  None more bad.

But then it gets worse.  Everywhere it bled onto my skin ended up staining my skin.  I don’t know what this nail art pen shit is made of, but it’s not coming off.  It’s like I accidentally used tattoo ink.  OH AND ALSO, and this is my favorite part, it bled under the tips of my nails so the undersides are all stained black.  I did the best I could to soak it out from there with pure acetone but it’s not giving up the ghost.

So I had one one option.  Redo my nails in something opaque.  And fuck if I’m going to soak off ten tons of glitter from those accent nails, so pink it is!

I did the best I could, considering it was getting late and I had to rush it.

Pink Nails

OPI’s Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie and accent nail in Essie’s A Cut Above and Sinful Colors’ Queen of Beauty. Hot Wheels’ Med-Evil seems to be my emergency go-to car lately.

This is OPI’s Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie.  I knew from reviews that this color has a problematic frosty formula but I didn’t care.  I like so few pinks, and this one just spoke to me.  If a pink speaks to me, I need to jump on it.

Hey want to see the stains up close?  OF COURSE YOU DO!

Stained Fingers

Black stains on the edges of my fingernails.

stained thumb

Black stains under my thumb nail.

So here we are, barely concealed black-stained nails while I figure out how to rid myself of the nail art pen plague.

Suggestions welcome.


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  1. Hi 🙂 Sorry you had such trouble. I think you might benefit from a really good complete manicure (with dead skin of the eponychium and thorough cuticle cleanup), along with an acetone/glycerin soak to help ;’lift’ anything that remains above/below (on hyponychium). For cuticle care, see Robin Moses or FingerNailRixer on YouTube (along with some am,azing nail art). For acetone/glycerin (like Zoya Remove +), see LoodieLoodieLoodie’s blog at As for your original problem of the border mani, I think attempting the same method again, first using basecoat and leaving a broad enough margin, you could clean up with a clean brush and acetone around the nail itself… Pursebuzz has a border mani Tutorial that has an extra color in there (3 instead of 2), but I think if you omitted the first color and adjusted spacing a bit, you’d have better success. I always, always keep the brush and acetone handy for cleanup afterwards. i first saw this method a few years ago at the now inactive Lacquerized’s blog here:…. and have used the method ever since. I use gel polish mostly now, and can polish with regular polish right over it ever so often… and remove with non-acetone remover… and the gel polish remains perfect underneath. When I cleanup gel polish, I use not acetone, but alcohol/brush for the cleanup method. Good luck!

    • thank you so much for the recommendations. i love loodieloodieloodie and i’ll check out her blog for the acetone/glycerine remover. i’ll also check out those tutorials you mentioned because i definitely want to try again.

      and as an aside, i’m such a nail newb that i only just learned what the eponychium is about a week and a half ago. i’ve got a lot to learn about nail care while i’m messing around with these chemicals.

  2. Oops, typos! Should have been FingerNailFixer. Darnit for not readying back before posting! Sorry.

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