Yellow Blue Bus! Dotted Mani

My cousin once visited Russia and when she came home one of the first things she told me was that saying, “yellow blue bus” sounds like “I love you” in Russian.  That’s totally irrelevant to this post, except for the yellow blue part.

This is a color combination I really looked forward to.  The blue and yellow are nicely complementary, although the photo makes the yellow look more lemony than it really is.  I’m still learning how to control my dot sizes and placement, but I’m improving.  At least I think I’m improving.

This would have all been awesome if I hadn’t decided to experiment with my topcoat.  I found a bottle of NYC’s In a New York Minute quick dry top coat and figured I’d give it a try.  I’ve seen it recommended on other blogs and I’m just sick of Seche Vite’s shrinkage.  Unfortunately IaNYM seems to only cure the topmost layer quickly, and everything underneath cures at its own rate.  You can dent it and smush it for quite a while after application.  It protects you from casual bumps, but if you whang your hand, it’s blemish city.\

The problem with curing just the top layer quickly is that you can end up with bubbling.  The lower layers off-gas as they cure and get trapped beneath the hardened surface.  If you’re not committed to letting each layer totally and fully dry between very thin coats, this can be a problem.  I’m too impatient for that.  I slap it on and do additional layers as soon as it’s dried enough not to drag.   I’ve discovered that the only salvation is Seche Vite.  SV is designed to go over wet polish and cure it down to the base.  If not for that magical product it’s bubble city, population: me.  Bummer.

Yellow Blue Dots

Revlon’s 410 Dreamer and NYC’s Lexington Yellow with Hot Wheels’ Aston Martin One-77. NYC In a New York Minute topcoat.

Yellow Blue Dots in Sunlight

Revlon’s 410 Dreamer and NYC’s Lexington Yellow. NYC In a New York Minute topcoat.


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  1. Have you ever tried OPI RapyDry top coat? I swear by it. I have never had any bubbles at all, and like you, I slap on each layer of polish as soon as possible.

    • nope, i’ve been using nothing but seche vite up until now. i’m not giving up on seche vite, but i’m tired of the shrinkage. i dont tend to have problems at the tips, but at the cuticles, especially in the corners on my thumbs, it shrinks like crazy. i’d love to find a replacement. i’ll keep an eye out for opi rapidry. i’ve also heard out the door is good.

      • You should really try the OPI one. I never had any shrinkage either. I don’t want this to sound snarky, but why on earth are you hanging on to SV if it sucks so much?

      • i only started disliking it in the last couple of weeks. and i bought a biiiiiiiiig bottle. and i’m a cheapskate. it’s the perfect storm of poor topcoat decision making.

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