Dupe-fest Swatcharama Round 2 – Nfu Oh vs Cult Nails

Last Saturday I put some of my similar polishes in a ring and made them fight to the death.  It was kind of like this.  I decided to split the event up into multiple posts just for the hell of it.  Here’s round 2

I wanted to test the two purple flakies in my life: Cult Nails’ Seduction and Nfu Oh 51.  Cult Nails is a cooler purple, and it includes blue flakies along with the orange and gold ones.  Application was very different.  51 applies densely and only requires a couple of layers to build.  Seduction is very sheer and probably wouldn’t build opacity in fewer than four or five coats.

Cult Nails Seduction Nfu Oh 51

L: Cult Nails’ Seduction R: Nfu Oh 51

I also tested out Rimmel’s Rags to Riches and A England’s Dragon.  Both are forest green with gold shimmer.  In the bottle they looked similar, but I wanted to see how close they would be on the nail.  I have a complex emotional relationship with A England.  I bought four polishes, and all of them arrived with lacquer crusted around the neck and uneven brush hairs that I had to trim to make them usable.  It’s kind of sullied my appreciation for the brand.

Dragon Rags to Riches

L: A England’s Dragon R: Rimmel’s Rags to Riches

Dragon Rimmel 51 Seduction

L to R: A England’s Dragon, Rimmel’s Rags to Riches, Cult Nails’ Seduction, Nfu Oh’s 51. Two layers each, no base or top coat.

Dragon is a richer green with deeper shimmer.  That said, Rimmel’s brush is superior.  The formula for both was very good.  Seduction was very sheer and required four coats for this photo.  The shimmer is more visible at the surface, possibly because the base isn’t as pigmented as 51.  You can see the blues in Seduction that simply aren’t in Nfu Oh.  That’s not a qualitative statement, and whether or not you think that’s a selling point depends on whether you want blue in the mix.  I think both are lovely and I love Nfu Oh even without the blue.

Winners: It’s tough to choose winners because all four have very good selling points and none of them are dupes.  But for the sake of the game I’ll choose Rimmel’s Rags to Riches, for its comparable quality at a very appealing price point, and Nfu Oh 51, simply because it didn’t require a bazilion layers.


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