Mid-day Miscellany

Miscellany 1:

I just got back from Sally Beauty, where I found three new polishes that got my heart racing.  I went in looking for Out the Door quick dry topcoat and right next to the display I saw a bottle of Out the Door’s Northern Lights Holographic Top Coat.  I’ve been obsessing over Goose’s Glitter’s holo topcoat mani so of course I had to buy it and give it a shot.

I really tried to capture it, but my camera refused.  Also, look how badly Electrify has chipped, and I just applied it last night.  I have the worst luck with glitter polishes.

holographic topcoat

Sinful Colors’ Cloud 9 with Out the Door’s Northern Lights Holographic Topcoat. China Glaze’s Electrify on the very chipped accent nail.

Even though the photo doesn’t show it well, I can attest to its effectiveness.  It added a layer of rainbow shimmer without changing the color of the base coat.  I’m going to try this over another mani tonight that might show it a bit better.

Miscellany 2:

I’ve discovered a new craft.  I do this frequently, find a craft and try to master it, then abandon it for something else.  First it was open torch glass bead work (like this) and then it was cold-process soapmaking (here’s my closed Etsy shop).  Then it was Xanadoodle crochet amigirumis.  Now I’ve got something else up my sleeve, and if I can master the skill I might reopen my Xanadoodle shop and start hawking goods again.  No hints, I need to learn some skills before I go talking about my ideas.

Miscellany 3:

Have you seen those wrap bracelets that are popping up everywhere?  Turns out they’re super easy to make.  I happened across a tutorial linked from Glam Life Without Strife.  Check it out, don’t you just want a rhinestone wrapped bracelet?

Okay that’s it.  The kids want to go outside and play with squirt guns now.  Later, aligators.


About Smapte

I crochet. I crochet a lot. My speciality is amigurumi dolls based on pop culture entertainment, such as LOST, Star Trek, Mad Men and Firefly. I also crochet beanie hats with food items on them such as pancakes, sushi, burgers, spaghetti, or whatever sounds hat-worthy. Visit me at ThatThingILike.wordpress.com or Xanadoodle.wordpress.com.

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