Holographic Top Coat: Favorite Mani Ever

I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply to look for Out the Door quick dry topcoat.  I’ve heard it’s a good replacement for those who have gotten frustrated with Seche Vite’s shrinkage.  I just happened to glance across the shelf and see a lonely bottle of Out the Door’s Northern Lights holographic top coat.  Put simply, it’s a clear topcoat with holographic micro-glitter suspended inside.  It’s not a dense glitter, its purpose is to let the basecoat shine through and add just a bit of rainbow sparkle.  I pounced.

I also happened to find a bottle of China Glaze’s First Mate from the Spring 2011 Anchors Away collection.  It’s an amazing navy blue that stays safely away from the black end of the spectrum.  As much as I love almost-black polishes, it seems difficult to find a navy blue that actually looks blue on the nail.  This one stays blue.  It’s intensely gorgeous, so if you find it, grab it.  It would have been a one-coat wonder, but I did a quick second pass to make sure it was totally smooth.  The lovely creme formula self-levels nicely, and even without a topcoat it had a nice shine.  But I wanted holo sparkles, so on went the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights

China Glaze’s First Mate with Out the Door’s Northern Lights holographic topcoat and Hot Wheels V5330.

Amazing, right?  I can’t describe how amazing this is.  Northern Lights worked beautifully to add an incredible sparkle to the top of this mani.  This is what I’d hoped Zoya’s Indigo would look like, but unfortunately didn’t translate from bottle to nail.  The blue pops, the clear base of the topcoat doesn’t dull or alter the color, and the holo micro-glitter looks like it was born to be there.  I should note that although the product doesn’t claim to be a quick dry top coat, it dried very fast and very smooth.

How about more picture spam?  I took a tip from another blog and took a photo in a darkened room with flash.  It actually resulted in pretty accurate color.

Northern Lights Flash 2

China Glaze’s First Mate with Out the Door’s Northern Lights holographic topcoat. Photographed with flash.

Northern Lights Blur Cell

Blurred cell phone shot to show the rainbow shift. For some reason focused photography never catches the colors the way eyes do. Blurring the photo seems to help.

Nothern Lights Sun

China Glaze’s First Mate and Out the Door’s Northern Lights holographic topcoat in bright sunlight.

Northern Lights Cell Sun Blur

China Glaze’s First Mate with Out the Door’s Northern Lights holographic top coat in bright sunlight, blurred to show the color shift (cell phone pic).

Here, have one of my patented creepy Ray Harryhausen stop-motion gifs to show the sparkle.  The kitchen track light over the breakfast bar showed it pretty well, but that booster chair in the background sure ain’t sexy.

Northern Lights Gif

China Glaze’s First Mate with Out the Door’s Northern Lights holographic top coat.


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  1. Lol…gotten a shock when the hand started moving. :p

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