Big Bad Breakage (Breaking Bad?)

Oh lucky day, I broke another nail.  This one was a bad one, too.  I was sitting outside with the boys, filing down pretty significant length.  My nails, like my hair, grow fast.  I have to do pretty significant filing every couple of weeks.  I like to do it while they’re still polished because it helps make the free edge more visible.  I have weird perception issues where my squared ends always seem slightly off-perpendicular to my finger, so making that edge more visible is a big help.

Then the boys decided they wanted to go for a bike ride.  We donned helmets and headed off down the street on our new-skool big wheels.  Jacob got going on a slight downhill run and I had to chase after him to slow him down.  I reached for that handle just as he planted his feet to stop and WHAMMO!  Broken nail.  Damn.  At least I lost it in the line of duty.

I considered pulling off the broken edge, but instead made a protective fist and finished our walk.  When we got back I left them in the care of their father and went inside to see if I could patch something so major.

Big Break 1

See that crack in my middle fingernail? Ugh. You can see the filed edges of my other nails, too. Also, this is a pretty good look at what Layla’s Flash Black looks like in indirect, soft light.

Big Break 2

I couldn’t even fully remove every bit of polish without risking breaking it entirely off. You can see how far down I would have to file this thing if I lost a piece.

Time to break out the Orly Nail Rescue again!  I brushed it down with nail glue, then dipped it in the powder.  I gave it a moment to dry, then brushed and dipped again.  I tried to nudge the broken part back into alignment as the glue set.  I basically had a big lump of drying compound, because I just wanted it reinforced.  Better to get some structure around the break and file it down than be too conservative.

Nail Patched

It’s not a look that you can do au-naturale. This is two coats of Orly’s Nail Rescue, before buffing it down.

I let it dry fully, then applied a coat of CND Stickey base coat and two coats of Milani’s Sail Away.  Sail Away is a richly pigmented micro-glitter blue that applied nearly perfectly in one coat.  It was a nice discovery, since my last Milani experience was Green Glow, a dreadful sheer green.  I did a second coat just to smooth it out fully.  I was also trying to put some additional reinforcement around the break by layering on lacquer.  Over the next few days as I swap out manis and do some additional buffing, it will get down to a pretty natural thickness.   I topped it with one layer of Out the Door quick dry top coat.

Patched Painted

Two coats of Milani’s Sail Away over a break patched with Orly’s Nail Rescue. The other nails have filed down edges in anticipation of removal.

Edge View

You can see how the thickness has been built up to reinforce the break. I’ll buff this over the next few days and get it pretty natural looking. Then It just has to grow out.

Patched Sun

Layla’s Flash Black (filed down) on pointer, ring and pinky. Two coats of Milani’s Sail Away on middle, patched with Orly’s Nail Rescue.


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  1. My fixing is much more sketchy, involving a tiny piece of a paper product like a napkin with nail glue on top. It has always worked out so I will stick with it, but you are much more organized than I am.

    • that’s the teabag method, right? i’ve been wanting to try that, too, in the hopes it would create less thickness. The Orly patch thins down over time but the first day or two are a little bulky.

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