Plastic Wrap Marbled Nails

If you haven’t seen the plastic wrap marbling tutorial on Nailed It, it’s high time you checked it out.  I decided to do a tone-on-tone marbling and I’m quite pleased with the results.

Plastic Wrap Nails Duo

Plastic wrap marbled nails. China Glaze’s For Aubrey with NYC’s East Village and Out the Door quick dry top coat.  That badass motorcycle is by Hot Wheels, named Jungle from the Thrill Racers collection.

It’s important to note that getting yourself set up in advance is important.  cut and wad up ten pieces of plastic wrap.  You don’t need much, just enough to get a good grip and cover the whole nail when scrunched.  If you don’t do it ahead of time, there will never be a good time.  I laid down a coat of Orly’s Bonder base coat, then added two coats of China Glaze’s For Audrey, which seems to be everyone’s go-to Tiffany blue.  I let tit dry completely and then added a layer of NYC’s East Village, which is a slightly deeper turquoise with a metallic sheen.  I laid it down, then quickly blotted it with the plastic wrap while it was still wet.

It was a bit trial and error.  Fortunately, all you have to do is keep blotting until you like it.  If you lift too much you can lay a bit more down and try again.  It will look rough and peaky at first, but as with any liquid it will eventually spread out and seek equilibrium.  And besides, once you slap a layer of topcoat on you’ll be right as rain.  I used Out the Door quick dry topcoat, which is starting to become my favorite thing in the world.

Plastic Wrap Sun Left

China Glaze’s For Audrey with NYC’s East Village.

Plastic Wrap Sun Right

China Glaze’s For Audrey with NYC’s East Village.


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  1. First time I’ve seen this look with two quite similar colours – it looks great and not too in your face 😀 Very nice!

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