The Weirdness of Apologies

I noticed something yesterday that seemed weird to me.  I knew my cuticle cleanup was sloppy and my instinct was to say, “sorry for my messy cuticles.”  I felt compelled to apologize for my own personal manicure.  I know I’m not the only one who does it.  I see it all over other blogs, and I noticed it several times on r/redditlaqueristas yesterday.

Why do we apologize?  Is this a girl thing or is it a blogger thing?  I mean, it’s my manicure, it’s my messy cuticle job, no one is affected but me.  Why am I apologizing to the reader?  Is it just a way of acknowledging the imperfection and begging for lenience in judgement?

It’s a weird thing, isn’t it?  Is it just me?  I kind of feel like I want to stop apologizing.  But if I do that, how do I make it clear that I know I’m a sloppy clean up artist?  I don’t want anyone to think I’m offering up gallery-worthy perfection.  Does apologizing remove the implication that I think I’m perfect?

I guess this weird apology impulse happens elsewhere, too.  If I invite a guest to my house I will apologize for the mess, even if it’s totally not a mess.  It’s like we’re asking people to forgive us for giving them anything but the most perfect interpersonal experience.  And it’s more common to do so with strangers than people you know well, who really ought to be the people you try hardest with.

Am I overthinking this?  I apologize for overthinking this.






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  1. I always feel like appologising for my sloppy photos that are out of focus or for even posting later in the day than normal!

    Everyone does it though 😀 You are not alone.

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