The Shave of Pure Sorrow

Traditional wet shaving takes a little longer than cartridge-and-canned-goo shaving. I’ve said in the past that the additional time spent shaving is partly why I prefer this method. I like the ritual and products and me-time. But let’s be realistic, sometimes it’s a busy morning. Like today. The boys start swim lessons today.

I decided to try shaving my legs in the shower. I’ve been scared to attempt this location because I’m a natural klutz and it seemed like a bad idea. I know lots of people do it, but I was scared. I decided to get over my nerves today.

That’s not the poor decision part. The poor decision part is that I decided to save even more time by using an old can of aerosol shaving foam left over from pre-DE days. Bad choice.

That stuff doesn’t lubricate at all. It adds a layer of white but it doesn’t suspend the hairs in a bubble matrix and it certainly doesn’t help the razor glide across the skin. It just makes white.

How do I know? Oh probably because I ended up shedding the most blood I’ve seen since I first learned how to shave my legs in middle school.


Oh the humanity.

How bad did i cut myself? Well, these are the first cuts I’ve ever had where my styptic pencil didn’t immediately stop the bleeding. My leg are abraded and hurty. Lotion stung like a bitch. I’m covered in red, raised bumps like razor burn. I am visually unappealing.

Never again. Now that I know I can physically pull it off, I’ll be lathering with my Shea butter shaving soap from now on. No more short cuts. It’s not worth it.

In other news I broke three nails this week so I decided it was time to file down short. They’re now just barely past my fingertips. This is the shortest they’ve been since I stopped biting in January. I actually like this length. I might just keep them this short for a while.

A couple are a bit uneven because they broke down to the quick. I’m not willing to go that short.




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