Call Me Magneto. Okay, Don’t.

The first time I saw magnetic nail polish I audibly gasped and knew I had to try it.  The only reason I held off was the price.  It took a while for reviews to filter through the blog community, and I never try gimmicks without reading reviews by brave souls who have tried it first.

The other thing that delayed my purchase was that magnetic polishes usually retail in the neigborhood of $8-12.  I just couldn’t talk myself into spending that kind of money for a gimmick.  Then a couple of weekends ago I happened to walk into Sally’s when they were doing a 50% discount on all clearance items.  I found China Glaze’s Magnetix collection discounted to $3.29 each, and then this special dropped the price to about $1.15 each.  I grabbed two.  Unfortunately, in the shuffle I thought I was picking up a blue and a gray, but discovered I’d bought two of the same color when I got home.  Oh well, it’s still a bargain.  Maybe I’ll do a giveaway for the spare.

Magnetix Duo

China Glaze’s Pull Me Close with Out the Door quick dry top coat and a collection of Geocaching Travel Bugs.

I’m glad I got it at a discount.  It’s an interesting gimmick but it’s not easy to get clean results.  The magnet doesn’t follow the curve of the nail, so getting the magnetic pattern to travel edge to edge requires some rocking.  Rocking means the lines of magnetic flux shift, which means softened edges along the pattern.  It’s interesting, but fussy.  I’m sure I’ll improve with practice.

Magnetics aside, the formula is fantastic.  It could be a perfect 1 coater, if it didn’t require 2 to make the magnetism show properly.  Essentially you need to do one base coat, then add a thicker layer that’s nice and liquidy so the magnetic particles have the freedom  to shift around before it dries.

So there it is, another gimmick tried, evaluated, and in the bag.  Got a compliment at the zoo today, so that was nice.


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