Negative Space Stamping with Flakies

Heads up, you’re about to see the world’s most terrible clean-up job.  No idea what happened here, it looked clean last night.

If you’ve ever done any Konad-style stamping, you know you can’t stamp with flakies.  You also can’t stamp with glitter.  The etching on the plates is too fine to get those particles crammed down in there.

But what if you really really really really want to stamp with your favorite flakie?  Say you’re like everyone else on the planet and you love Essie’s Shine of the Times, and you’d love to see it lined up in a pretty pattern?  Please allow me to make a suggestion:

Negative space stamping.  This is not a revolutionary concept and I don’t claim to have invented it.  Essentially it’s a way to sandwich your flakie between coats of the same shade so the flakes show through in the un-stamped regions.  When the bottom and top coat match it won’t look like the solid color is stamped.  It will look like the flakies are stamped.  It’s the ol’ face/vase thing.

Negative Space Vase

Image borrowed from here.

Unfortunately I’m having a hard time photographing this, so you’ll have to forgive the lighting.  In great lighting it plays well to the eye, but terribly to the camera.  I walked all over the office looking for an ideal place to capture it.  If you’ve read any of my previous entries it should come as no surprise that I eventually ended up in the office restroom again.

Also, what’s the deal with impossible cleanup on flakies? They stick to the skin and refuse to let go.

Negative Space Nails 1

Two coats of Essie’s No More Film, topped with one coat Essie’s Shine of the Times, and then stamped with No More Film. Finished with Out the Door quick dry top coat.  Indirect daylight.

Negative Space No Shine 2

A low-exposure shot to reduce glare and lend photographic clarity to the pattern. The flakie coat is sandwiched between two layers of creme, which makes the flakie look like it was stamped.

Negative Space No Shine

This is an odd pose because I had to prop myself up very still for a long exposure shot. This was taken in low lighting in order to reduce glare and show off the pattern to the camera the way it appears to the eye.

More terrible cell photos:

Negative Space Nails 2

Two coats of Essie’s No More Film, topped with one coat Essie’s Shine of the Times, and then stamped with No More Film. Finished with Out the Door quick dry top coat.  Indirect daylight.

Negative Space Nails 3

This is a terrible shot in fluorescent lighting at my desk, but it really shows off the opalescent fire of Shine of the Times peeking out around the stamped lines.

Negative Space Nails 4

YES this one was taken in the restroom. YES that’s a stall door. NO it was not taken in the stall. This just happened to be the best light to show detail. I AM NOT ASHAMED!  Well, I’m a little ashamed of the shoddy clean-up job and grain in the photo.  But not of the location.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


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  1. I sometimes take my pics in the bathroom – all that white makes good light!

    • We have these little halogen pinpoint lights mixed in around the white lights, so it makes a great mix for showing off sparkles, holos and duochromes.

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