The Polish Project: Wear It or Let It Go

Over on you can follow along with the ambitious Polish Project that kicked off today. Jamie’s self-challenge is to wear every single nail polish in her impressive collection before buying any new shades.  She’s using a spreadsheet that is similar to one that I created to keep track of worn and unworn lacquers.  Oh god, I just shared the link.  I’ve exposed myself as a meticulous data-hoarding crazy person.

I’m intrigued by this challenge.  The first reviewed polish was A England’s King Arthur and I can’t help noticing that her disappointment in the A England formula were similar to mine.  Maybe making myself wear everything I own will allow me to make really clear-headed assessments about other products after the initial purchase excitement has passed.

I’ll be following Jamie’s progress and possibly following in her footsteps soon.  I track my worn lacquers, too, and every time I buy a new one I have a brief flash of guilt over the number I haven’t yet tried.  Should I really be perusing Harlow & Co when I have so many unworn shades?  I really feel compelled to log a Y for every entry in the “worn?” column.  I’ve fallen behind on my swatching and stamping, so maybe I need to get my butt in gear for those columns, too.

On that note, a little later today I’ll be posting my fourth and final Dupe-Fest Swatcharama entry where I compared all of the silvers I own.  One of my silvers came very close to my perfect liquid metal dream.  See?  Wearing what you’ve bought can pay off.


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  1. It’s going to get really tricky when I get down to polishes I have been avoiding on purpose because I am expecting not to like them. I will also be admitting in my next post that I caved and bought one polish because I could not resist it. Honestly though, given that I normally would have ended up buying 5, it showed great restraint. I’m sure I will break again at some point, but the serious reduction in purchasing will be good for the polish wall and my wallet.

  2. This is where I leave another comment so I get comment emails because I forgot to check the box.

    • I have a few that i’m not excited to wear. I have three Sephora by OPI polishes that I just don’t like. One of them I never bothered with because the first two were such bad formulas. I also have a bunch that I haven’t worn because I know without uncertainty that I will like them. It’s almost like, there’s no surprise, so I don’t bother. I bought a bottle of W&W’s Morbid off of eBay because it’s supposed to be a dupe for Chanel’s Black Pearl. I haven’t bothered to wear it. I really should.

      • I have an excel file and use to pick a number. In theory it will pick a polish and I have to wear it, but the last couple of times I’ve clicked till I got a colour I wanted to try :s

  3. Just downloaded your spreadsheet. I totally need to file my polishes too.

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