Banish My Mani to the Land of Wind and Ghosts

Get it?  It’s a Mr. Sparkle reference.  Anyone?  No?  Okay.  Well heads up, there are some sparkles coming.

I posted a few days ago that I was considering trying Jamie Sanford’s Polish Project, which is essentially a commitment to try every polish in your collection before buying any new ones.  Yeah, I’m clearly not ready to make that commitment yet.  I dropped $45 at Ulta yesterday and was halfway to my car with my haul before I realized what I’d done.  That brings my current collection to 161, not including top and base coats.  I really need to catch up and wear the ones I haven’t worn yet, dammit.

Here’s how it started.  I was catching up on nail blogs and I saw a couple of lovely white creme manis, both of which used OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls from The Amazing Spiderman collection.  And just like that I decided I needed to own it.  I don’t typically buy whites because they’re usually streaky and end up looking like white-out.  But MBSW is different, if you believe the nail blogging community.  A slight hint of grey?  That’s all the excuse I need!

I used the opportunity to knock out a couple more that have been on my want list, so I grabbed OPI’s Fly from the Nicki Minaj collection and OPI’s I’m Not Really a Waitress from the Classic Collection.  It turns out Ulta was doing a buy-3-get-1 promotion so I grabbed a bottle of The Flowers are Blue-Ming from the Summer 2012 collection.  Unexpected bonus!  I then wandered past Zoya and fell in love with Ivanka from the Sparkle collection.  I mean, I need more greens, right?  Finally I passed by a L’Oreal display and the It’s Gold or Nothing at All collection caught my eye.  Specifically a glittery sparkly silvery sparkly glitterbomb of sparkles called Silver Sparkle.  It’s sparkly.  I couldn’t wait to try it out so I applied a coat over my current mani, which is OPI’s Brisbane Bronze stamped with OPI’s Designer… De Better!

There are stray glitter bits everywhere, people.  STRAY BITS EVERYWHERE!

Silver Sparkle Bright Sun

L’Oreal’s Silver Sparkle over OPI’s Brisbane Bronze and OPI’s Designer… De Better! No top coat.

The formula on Silver Sparkle is a bit unusual.  As with any glitter polish, the particles are suspended in a lacquer base, in this case clear.  But this clear base seemed somewhat… I don’t know, less viscous than I expected.  I read one review that described it as “fluffy” and I’m inclined to agree with that impression.  It’s not difficult to apply, and the glitter deposits evenly without effort.  And thanks to that “fluffy” feeling it doesn’t feel like a thick layer, which some dense glitters can do.  Once dry it has the appearance of a foil/glitter hybrid. Imagine if Zoya’s Trixie had a crap-ton of pastel glitter in it, too.  That’s sort of what you end up with here.

Silver Sparkle Shade

L’Oreal’s Silver Sparkle in indirect light.  No top coat.

It’s a bit warm toned, isn’t it?  Don’t be fooled, that’s Brisbane Bronze peeking through.  If you were to wear Silver Sparkle all on its own you might need two or three layers to get full opacity.  It’s dense, as you can see in the photos, but not so dense that it would look like a totally solid layer.  It will appear warmer or cooler, depending on what it’s layered over.

I’ve seen other reviews mention that the gold particles can look a bit flat when worn with no base color.  Given those insights and my experience over a metallic base, I would definitely recommend a metallic base coat to really make it pop.

Silver Sparkle Backlit

L’Oreal’s Silver Sparkle, backlit to show the particle colors.  No top coat.  Click for large version.

The above photo really shows off what wowed me about this polish.  It’s not just a straight silver.  If it was that, I would just stick with Sinful Colors’ Queen of Beauty.  No no, this polish is filled with all sorts of shades of pale particles, from blue to green to platinum to silver to gold.  The green particles in particular really catch the eye.

Just in passing you might not notice that color mix.  But once it’s on the nail it becomes difficult not to stare.  It shifts and flashes and that green grabs your attention every time you try to look away.  Okay maybe that’s a bit over the top, but suffice to say it’s impressively unique in its presentation.  It’s not like a China Glaze glitter, where it’s all glitter all the time.  This one almost gives the impression that it’s part foil, part glitter.

All in all I’m impressed, and somewhat surprised that this came from L’Oreal.  If you see a display at your local drugstore, don’t pass it by.  It’s quite lovely.  And sparkly.


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