Enter the Way of the Flying Dragon.

Enter the Dragon was on AMC today.  Let me assure you, there is no greater movie on planet earth than Enter the Dragon.  It’s one of my all time favorites and I’ve seen it probably 200 times.  I have it practically memorized.  If you’ve never seen it, let me convince you.  In particular, watch that kick at 1:47.  It’s almost too fast to be captured on film.  Many people would say the fight with O’Hara is the best fight, and it’s really damn good.  But that kick is my favorite split second in the entire movie.  Bruce Lee was a goddamned hero.

Not convinced?  Try Way of the Dragon on for size.  Watch his feet, they’re just amazing.

So anyway, I figured it would be appropriate to do a mani with China Glaze’s Flying Dragon.  Flying Dragon is the must-have purple sparkly neon and I gave into temptation and bought it today.  I also bought rhinestones because why not?  I’ve never done any stickers or stones or sequins or fimo but I thought I might try it.

Flying Dragon Sunlight

China Glaze’s Flying Dragon, 3 coats. 1 coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Shine clear topcoat, 1 coat of Out the Door quick dry top coat. Hot Wheels Aston Martin One-77

I applied three thin coats of Flying Dragon.  Thanks to the matte formula it dried super fast between coats.  I then poured out some rhinestones on a piece of wax paper and used an orange stick as my tool.  You could also use a toothpick.  Working one finger at a time I laid down a non-quick drying clear top coat, in this case Sally Hansen’s Diamond shine.  I also dabbed a bit on the wax paper.  I touched the orange stick to the blob of top coat and then picked up a rhinestone with a light tap.  I moved it to the still-tacky clear coat on my finger and set it down. It pays to have good aim, as wiggling it around will push the polish around, too.  I did each finger one at a time, and then when I was done I sealed them all with Out the Door quick dry top coat.  And by that I mean over the top and around the sides of the rhinestone, too.   They feel pretty secure but as a lifelong klutz I’m not sure I’ll be able to maintain it for long.  Wish me luck!

Flying Dragon Bright Sunlight

China Glaze’s Flying Dragon.  Look at that sparkle!

Flying Dragon Sparkle CU

China Glaze’s Flying Dragon.  Extreme close-up.

Flying Dragon Flat Shade

China Glaze’s Flying Dragon. Straight on in the shade.

Flying Dragon Flat Sun

China Glaze’s Flying Dragon. Straight on in bright sunlight.

Flying Dragon Profile ECU

Rhinestones from the side.  I give myself about an hour before I knock these things off.


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