Grunge Nails or Toxic Waste Nails?

I picked up several FingerPaints polishes at the Sally’s clearance sale this weekend.  Since I wanted to play with all of them I decided to try out Grunge Nails by following this tutorial on  They didn’t come out as soft and feminine as the ones in the tutorial, and I hold FP’s Sexy Sundress mostly accountable for that.  Tough to pull off a sense of softness with acid green in the mix.  Perhaps I should call these Toxic Waste nails.

The idea with grunge nails is that you lay down a base of black, and then add segments of bright colors.  When it’s all dry you use a brush to wipe down the layers of color with acetone.  This corrodes the finish and eats away to the underlying layers.  Grungy, yes?

Now, in retrospect I should have thought about the work appropriateness of the look, but I didn’t.  So I just need to get through the day and redo them for tomorrow.

Grunge Nails

Grunge Nails with a Hot Wheels’ 70 Pontiac GTO named “The Judge.”

China Glaze’s Liquid Leather, Sephora by OPI’s Techno Girl, OPI’s Fly, FingerPaints’ Grape Gumball, FingerPaints’ Lemon Sour, FingerPaints’ Sexy Sundress.  If you’re interested in the car, here’s some fun information from the Hot Wheels Wiki:

The ‘70 Pontiac GTO Judge is a muscle car made by Pontiac in the early ’70’s. The car is easily recognitiable by it’s “The Judge” decals an it’s hood and rear quarterpanels. It is based off the movie “Two Lane Blacktop”.

Anyway, here are more grunge nails photos:

Grunge Right Sun

Grunge nails in bright sunlight

Grunge Left Sun

Grunge nails in bright sunlight.

Oh and here’s something I found interesting.  I found a geocache near home, popped the lid off and found a convergence of interests inside.

Cache Polish

Mini nail polish found in a geocache.

Cache polish!  No, I didn’t take this one.  I took a keychain flashlight because it seemed more utilitarian.  Plus, I probably have a dupe of this one anyway. 😉


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