Addendum: Smelly Smelly Show

One thing I forgot to mention in my last post: Ludurana’s odor. If you’ve never tried Ludurana polishes you might not be aware that they’re scented. I’ve seen references to it in other blogs but no one seems to really discuss it much. Having reviewed one myself, I can see how the amazing visual appeal might make a person forget to point it out.

Let me rectify that: Ludurana’s Show smells. It stinks. It’s malodorous. It emits a noxious miasma, a quite unpleasant effluvium.

I believe the scent is supposed to be perfume-like, but to me it smells like the bottom of an elderly woman’s cosmetic bag.

It is not good.

I tried adding a top coat, not because it needed it, but because I hoped to seal in its grotesque emissions. Didn’t work. Still stank.

Fortunately, copious amounts of hand washing and time seem to help. I went to bed with pew-hands and woke up relatively inoffensive. 18 hours after application it’s really only detectable if I cram my fingers into my nose and huff like a model glue addict. Which I find rather unnecessary during my usual daily activities.

So there you go. Ludurana’s Show is amazingly gorgeous and worth the brief smelliness, but it is pretty repugnant during and immediately following application. Fair warning.

There. I’ve done my public duty.

Post script: I asked J three times if he wanted to smell my fingers but he said no. Was it something I said?


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