Multichromariffic: Ludurana Show

I got such awesome nail mail yesterday.  I got my hands on a bottle of Catching Fire and Up in Flames by KAYS Polish, and I got Show by Ludurana from their Aurora Boreal collection.

I had originally planned on comparing my purple-toned multichromes but since I was so excited about these new arrivals, all you get is one photo.  Sorry, I was excited.  This came about because I got my hands on Hard Candy’s Beetle and I wanted to see how it compared to other purple-based, gold-shifting polishes.  I did 3 coats each of the following:

Pinkie: Zoya’s Jem
Ring: Orly’s Space Cadet
Middle: Hard Candy’s Beetle
Pointer: CQ’s Idyllic

Duochrome Compare

Pinkie: Zoya’s Jem, Ring: Orly’s Space Cadet, Middle: Hard Candy’s Beetle, Pointer: CQ’s Idyllic. 3 coats each, no base or top coat.

As you can see, Space Cadet and Beetle are pretty much identical.  At some angles Beetle might be just a skosh warmer, but by and large they’re pretty indistinguishable.  Considering Orly’s price tag ($8 at Ulta) it’s nice to know there’s a half-priced dupe ($4 at walmart).

Clearly CQ and Zoya aren’t even close, with Idyllic leaning brown and Jem leaning purple, and neither show much color shift once on the nail.

Okay so let’s get to the main event, Ludurana’s Show.  This is another one of my white whales, which I lusted after for quite some time before realizing I could get it from Ninja Polish.  Just as an aside, this was my second purchase with Ninja Polish, and I have to say I’m very pleased so far with the ordering experience and speed of delivery.

Anyway, if you’ve heard about Show or any of its Aurora Boreal mates, you know it’s an amazing multichrome with a liquid metal finish.  Now that I’ve tried it I can say with conviction that it’s every bit as good as everyone says.  Before I go any further, just have a look.  I don’t know what’s going on with that little polish lump at the cuticle.  I caught it during cleanup, after this photo.

Ludurana Show Extreme Close Up

3 coats of Ludurana Show in low lamp light.  No top coat.

The above photo was taken with no base or top coat.  NO TOP COAT!  It really is that glossy and perfect all on its own.

The formula on this polish is absolute perfection.  It’s a bit thin, which makes wrapping the tips distinctly difficult, but it’s uniformly thin without even a hint of streakiness.  It allows the polish to flow onto the nail and it finishes with an extraordinary liquidy smooth finish.

Ready for some picture spam?  Notice how it leans most strongly purple and true blue, but off angle you get teals and ambers.  Gorgeous!  And of course there will be some weirdo stop motion gifs at the end to show how the color shifts in the light.

Ludurana Show Indoors Lamp Light

Ludurana Show in direct lamp light. 3 coats, topped with Out the Door quick dry top coat. The car is Hot Wheels’ Trak Tune.

Ludurana Show Sunlight

Ludurana Show in direct sunlight.

Ludurana Show Shade

Ludurana Show in the shade.

Ludurana Show Sun Angle

Ludurana Show at an angle, terrible angle for my cuticles. You can see the lack of good tip wrapping here. Not for lack of effort, I promise you. The formula is just a bit thin and fluid so it flows back from the tip.

Ludurana Show Shade Angle

Ludurana Show at an angle in the shade.

Ludurana Show Commute

Ludurana Show taken in the car at a red light.

Ludurana Show Office Backlit

Ludurana Show, backlit at the office. Don’t even ask me about the pose of my hand. I was trying to be inconspicuous and ended up with some kind of weird paw type thing.  But look at that teal and amber!

Okay you know what time it is!  Let’s see that color shift in motion!

Ludurana Show Sunlight

Ludurana Show in Sunlight.

Ludurana Show Shade

Ludurana Show in shade.  See that amber?  There it is!


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