Essie’s Mirror Metallics

Oh good gravy my dreams are coming true.  I’ve said in previous entries that my life-long nail polish fantasy is a perfectly liquid metal, quicksilver finish.  Chrome-like reflection, if you will.  While you can achieve this look with Minx nail appliques, it’s not possible in a polish.  This is a grim reality that I live with every day.  😦

BUT WAIT!  Essie has just released their Mirror Metallics collection, a long-awaited set of five colors that went out to reviewers in April.  They’re available now (I picked mine up at Walgreens) and I grabbed one of each.

Essie Mirror Metallics

L to R: There’s No Place like Chrome, Blue Rhapsody, Good as Gold, Nothing else Metals, and Penny Talk.

While I typically don’t go for the skittles-type manicure, I had to try out each.  I decided that in this case the muted pigments made the color variation subtle enough for the office.  Not that my office is terribly conservative, I’m just playing it safe.

Mirror Metallics Swatches

Thumb to Pinkie: There’s No Place like Chrome, Blue Rhapsody, Good as Gold, Nothing else Metals, and Penny Talk.  No top coat.

If you’ve seen swatches on other blogs you might notice the lack of brushtrokes here.  I noticed that on other reviews and made one decision that I think makes the difference in application:  I treated it like a holo.

What that means is that I assumed any imperfection in the nail bed would show up and wreck the finish.  I decided to use Nfu Oh’s Aqua Base as the base coat, since its excellent self-leveling gel finish creates a very smooth surface in one coat.  I laid down Aqua Base, gave it a moment to dry, then applied the lacquer.

The formula is excellent.  Despite its fussy brushstrokiness, it applies surprisingly well.  The only other metallic I own that has a similar liquid finish is Julep’s Leighton.  And these Essie polishes are heads and shoulders above Leighton in application quality.  As long as you move quickly and don’t fuss around with it, you’ll get a clean application.  You can see a bit of a bump on my thumb, and that’s from a moment of weakness when I started to fuss a bit and messed up the finish.  It dries extremely fast, which is why fussing is such a no-no.  You can create drags and snags if you linger.

These could easily be one coaters, but you have to move fast.  I decided to do two coats because I wrapped the tips on the first coat, creating just the tiniest bit of bead that I wanted to coat over.  I decided not to do a top coat because I didn’t want to add a glossy layer over the brushed metal finish.

All in all I’m impressed and wowed and amazed and in love.  I can’t stop staring at my hands.  They catch every bit of light and reflect it back.  In low light they seem to glow from within.

Oh yeah, here’s a Hot Wheels.  I forgot to get the name off of the underside, though.

Mirror Metallics Swatches Car

Thumb to Pinkie: There’s No Place like Chrome, Blue Rhapsody, Good as Gold, Nothing else Metals, and Penny Talk.  No top coat.


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