Nail Polish Cabochon Project

A couple of weeks ago Kayla Shevonne posted a tutorial on her blog that really caught my attention.  It basically shows you how to make clear resin cabochons that can be back painted with nail polish.  In her tutorial she makes refrigerator magnets, and this is where I had to pause and think.  I don’t have a need for magnets.  My fridge is stainless steel, which means magnets don’t stick.  What else could I do instead?

Right around that time I started noticing some interesting items in the geocaches I’ve been finding around town.  For example, little plastic skulls.  I did a bit of searching and found out these are “signature items.”  Signature items are small objects that people leave as calling cards to show they were there.  Subsequent cachers can collect the items or move them to another cache.  Some are trackable via, some are not.  But the idea was very appealing.

That’s when the two items merged.  It was perfect!  Nail polish cabochons as signature items!

I followed Kayla’s tutorial to the letter and it worked beautifully.  I even cast some large pieces that I may use as extra special signature items for special caches.  For now I’ve painted seven and I’m totally in love with the project.  Look how amazing they are!

7 Cabochons

The first 7 signature cabochons, ready to be distributed in geocache containers.

If you’d like to see them up close with details about which polishes I used, you can visit my new Signature Items page.  It’s unlikely that anyone will actually visit and log their find, but I wanted a place to feature them on the off chance someone does.  Click the photos for the large versions.

I printed labels for the flat side, which bears my most frequently used screenname, which I also use for logging finds, and the universal geocaching logo.  They’ll be packed into small baggies with stickers instructing cachers to keep it, leave it, or move it to another cache. I’ll also include a link to this blog on the off chance someone feels like looking them up.  Optimistic?  Perhaps.

What do you think?  Would you be pleased to find one of these?

Signature Items

Cabochons with labels. Each one has a unique identifying number and the universal geocaching logo.



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