Pretty Pretty Cheap-Ass Princess

I decided I was bored with my conservative recent efforts and wanted to go way over the top.  I found a ridiculously Barbie-pink glitter on sale at CVS so I figured I would do pink on pink with a pink sparkly accent nail.  Soooooo Giiiirly.

I Gotta Confection to Make is my first purchase from Wet n Wild’s Spoiled line of polishes.  I picked it up because Spoiled was on sale at CVS and I’ve been looking for unique glitters for my cabochon project.  I tend to pass by these bargain brands because I automatically doubt their formula, but I’m gradually realizing my snobbish ways are getting in the way of some great colors.

As I was searching through my collection for more pinks I became motivated to embrace the bargain polish idea and chose items that were each purchased for less than $2.  That would make this mani cost less than one bottle of Essie.  Noble experiment!

No sun in the sky for these photos today, which makes them look a bit blah, unfortunately.  So I’ll start with one of my office restroom photos with the lovely warm pinpoint lighting.

Pink Overkill Indoor Light

Pink Overkill. Sinful Colors’ Flutter, stamped with Wet n Wild’s Frosted Fuchsia, with Spoiled’s I Gotta Confection to Make on middle and pinkie nails.

Pink Overkill L

Overcast day is overcast.  Still pink, though!

For my base color I chose Sinful Colors’ Flutter, a dusty pink jellyish formula with a  cool shimmer.  It applied quite nicely, although there was still a bit of visible nail line after two coats.  I didn’t sweat it because I planned on stamping a busy pattern anyway.

My stamping color was Wet n Wild’s Frosted Fuchsia from the Wild Shine line of products.  Frosted Fuchsia is an intense, dark pink with a slightly blue sheen in direct light.  I have a few pinks like this, but I’m rarely brave enough to wear them as anything but an accent.  I used the DRK-A stamping plate for the design.

I applied one gloppy coat of I Gotta Confection to Make to my pinky, and then to my middle fingers after I bumped the left one TWICE and just decided to cover up the mistake instead of redoing it again.  IGCtM has an OPI-style overwrought name but it’s definitely not an OPI product.  The base lacquer is thick and gloopy and tends to want to stick to itself rather than spreading out over the nail.  And talk about brushes!  I’ve never seen a brush so wide.  It was literally larger than my entire pinkie nail.

Pink Overkill R

Personally I think my nails look a bit like a birthday party cupcake.


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