Dupe-Fest Swatcharama – 4-Way Purple Flakie Battle #NOTD

I now have four purple-orange flakies that were begging for comparison.  They look similar in the bottle, but they’re very different on the nail.  So let’s compare!

Purple Flakies

L to R: Cult Nails’ Seduction, Spoiled’s Checkin’ Into Rehab, Nfu Oh’s 51, and Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire.

I picked up that Spoiled polish during the CVS sale, and I had to see how the cheapie purple flakie compared to the premium priced ones I already had.

Please note, as with all previous dupe-fest swatcharamas, I did minimal cleanup.

Purple Flakie Swatches

Pinkie to Pointer: Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire, Nfu Oh’s 51, Spoiled’s Checkin’ Into Rehab, and Cult Nails’ Seduction. All shown over 2 coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather. No top coat.

I compared 51 and Seduction in dupe-fest swatcharama part 2 and determined no winner, since they’re not identical enough to call dupes.  I ended up leaning towards 51 simply because the formula is stupendous and it requires few coats for beautiful coverage.  But that was with no base color.  Look at Seduction here over black.  Dare I say it?  I think it outshines both 51 and Fantasy Fire.  Now, I will say that the larger flake size makes Seduction a little less refined looking than 51 and Fantasy Fire, but those pops of blue sparkles are just amazing.

51 and Fantasy Fire look very similar over black, but Fantasy Fire is just a tad warmer and has a bit more depth.

Spoiled’s Checkin’ Into Rehab, on the other hand, is a dud.  The base is far more pigmented than the other three, which is its undoing.  The denser pigment means the flakies don’t shine through.  While they cling to the walls of the glass bottle and look great in the packaging, they sink beneath the surface on the nail.  I tried all kinds of angles to try to make it sparkle, to try to get those flakies to show.  But no dice.

So if you’re desperate for a purple/orange flakie, which just so happens to be my personal favorite kind of flakie, you’re going to have to spend some dough.  The $1.99 Spoiled attempt just doesn’t compare, and it’s closer than any other bargain polish I’ve seen so far.

Nfu Oh 51 is available on Fabulous Street for $12.5o (looks like everything is on sale for $11.25 right now) plus shipping.  I recommend using Paypal, and I can say I’ve had nothing but great shopping experiences with them.

Cult Nails’ Seduction is a limited edition polish that will be gone forever once it’s out of stock, which they post as painful reminders in their retired colors gallery.  It’s $10 plus shipping.  I found their shipping to be a bit pricy, so you may benefit from picking out a handful of colors to justify the cost.

Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire is the toughest get.  You either need a friend in the UK who’s willing to hunt it down and ship it to you, or you need to stalk a few eBay auctions.  Watch for tricky sellers who might try to pass off forgeries.  Go with sellers who have lots of positive ratings and read their most recent feedback.  Don’t forget to convert pounds to dollars.  I found a buy-it-now auction that worked out to about $9.  The seller offered free international shipping, so that was nice.  $9 sounds great, but look at the above photo and see how small the bottle is.  It would be like spending $18 for a normal sized bottle.  Ahhhhhhh such is the cost of rare overseas lacquers.

Spoiled’s Checkin’ Into Rehab is available at CVS.  The colors are generally bright and saturated, but  I haven’t found the formulas to be comparable to premium brand polishes.  Nice if you’re on a budget, but expect to fuss a bit with it.


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