Sally Hansen HD Swatcharama

Ogod I have too many Sally Hansen HD Hi Definition Nail Color polishes.  What’s a gal to do?  Why, swatch a nail wheel of course.

Based on a previous comment I was curious to see how Hue, the yellow shimmery frost, would perform over various colors.  I also wanted to test out Byte, a glassfleck hot pink that has captivated my interest.  So I swatched them… FOR SCIENCE!

First let’s look at Byte.

Byte Swatches

Click for much larger photo and more detail.

Base colors L to R:
China Glaze’s Liquid Leather (black)
OPI’s Alpine Snow (white)
Wet n Wild’s Silvivor (silver foil)
Orly’s Luxe (gold foil)
China Glaze’s First Mate (navy blue)
Wet n Wild’s Eggplant Frost (blurple duochrome)
NYC’s Battery Park Purple (burgundy purple)
Sinful Colors’ Dream On (matte neon pink)
Orly’s Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie (pink frost)

It’s just stunning over virtually any color.  My favorite?  Byte layered over Orly’s Luxe gold foil.  The complexity of the contrasting tones and finishes is gorgeous.  It looks rather the same over black, navy blue, and dark purple, but the result in all cases is a stunning pink/purple/blue multichrome glass fleck.  The effect over Sinful Colors’ Dream On, an eye-searing neon pink, is just the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.  Marvelous.

But let’s have a close up look at Byte over Luxe.  My god, it’s amazing.

Byte Best

L to R Byte over Wet n Wild Silvivor, Byte over Orly’s Luxe, and Byte over China Glaze’s First Mate.  Click for much larger image and more detail.

Next let’s look at Hue, a frosty, shimmery, brilliant yellow.  It’s difficult to look at it in the bottle and feel like it’s at all wearable.  It demands layering.  The results were intriguing.

Hue Swatches

Click for much larger photo and more detail.

Base colors L to R:
China Glaze’s Liquid Leather (black)
OPI’s Alpine Snow (white)
Wet n Wild’s Silvivor (silver foil)
Orly’s Luxe (gold foil)
Sinful Colors’ Dream On (matte neon pink)
NYC’s Battery Park Purple (burgundy purple)
Wet n Wild’s On a Trip (grape purple)
NYC’s High Line Green (green creme)
NYC’s Lexington Yellow (yellow creme)

Layering over white and yellow resulted in frosty yellow.  Layering over black, dark purple and green all resulted in a frosty green.  Not surprising for green, but I was definitely surprised to see black cause such a color shift.  My favorite?  Hue layered over Sinful Colors’ Dream On.  It resulted in an amazing duochrome where the hot pink definitely shone through but the light caught golden highlights.  Really interesting visually.  The other interesting results were Silvivor and Luxe, where the finish looks gold with a green shimmer at angles.  Reminiscent of Chanel’s Peridot, perhaps.

Hue Best

L to R: Hue over Orly’s Luxe, Hue over Sinful Colors’ Dream On, Hue over NYC’s Battery Park Purple. Click for much larger image and more detail.

Interestingly I ended up picking gold/pink combos for my favorites in both sets of swatches.  Between the two I think Byte is the clear winner.  The shimmer is irresistable.  Hue will probably never be a favorite, but there are certainly good combinations that make it really beautiful.


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