Go Go Van Gogh Green!

I’m not much for green, but I found FingerPaints’ Go Van Gogh! on super-clearance at Sally Beauty Supply’s half-off clearance sale.  That made it about $1.60, so I had to take it home.  I’m glad I did, because the formula is very good and the color is actually pretty damn flattering.

I also picked up China Glaze’s Ray-Diant, a green-tone glitter from the Prismatic Collection.  I passed it over when the collection was new, but it looks like it was born to be paired with GVG.

Can’t get enough of that pistol mani.

Go Van Gogh

FingerPaints’ Go Van Gogh! with China Glaze’s Ray-Diant. Topped with Gelous and Seche Vite quick dry top coat.  The car is a Hot Wheels of undetermined model, thanks to the lack of a stamp on the undercarriage.

I want to note an interesting issue I ran into with my quick dry top coat.  I picked up a bottle of Diamond Dry in a free China Glaze promo and so far it’s performed nicely.  But when I topped Go Van Gogh! with Diamond Dry bad things happened.  The surface wrinkled and showed stress lines, and it remained tacky to the touch far longer than it should have.  I tried to wait it out but finally realized it wasn’t going to improve.  I added a coat of Sally Hansen’s Double Duty to give a coat of Seche Vite a wet layer to grab onto and cure.

Seche Vite did the trick.  Seche Vite always does the trick.  For all of its finicky idiosyncratic fussiness, it’s never failed me like Diamond Dry failed tonight.  My loyalty remains strong.

But hey check out Ray-Diant up close.  Nice assortment of varying sizes of glitter, without any of those big honkin’ pieces that are so popular in indie glitters.

Ray-Diant CU

2 coats of FingerPaints’ Go Van Gogh! topped with one coat of China Glaze’s Ray-Diant. Finished with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite.

Van Gogh Sun

FingerPaints’ Go Van Gogh! with China Glaze’s Ray-diant in sunlight.

Van Gogh Sun 2

FingerPaints’ Go Van Gogh! with China Glaze’s Ray-diant in sunlight.


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